Webhosting – add and configure aliases

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Into the space in ​​each webhosting is possible to direct another domain as alias, eventually, it is possible to get a package of an unlimited number of aliases as additional service and use one webhosting for any number of domains.

In this article, we will demonstrate the domain settings and domain adding as an alias.


Domain is not using our DNS servers

If you want to add a domain which is not registered by us and is not using our DNS servers, we strongly recommend to re-register(transfer) the domain to us, or at least use our DNS servers.

If you still do not want to use our DNS than is necessary to set your domain in registrar’s administration, exact values of A, AAAA, MX records (MX records only if you want to use e-mail service on our webhosting). These details can be found in detail of webhosting in customer center.

Domain using our DNS servers

If your domain using our DNS servers, then is it enough to add an alias in detail of webhosting and select option: make changes to our DNS servers for the alias domain, Then everything is set automatically for the domain. After it is necessary to wait about 60 minutes for the DNS changes to take effect over the Internet.


Adding an alias for webhosting

  1. Log in to customer center WEDOS
  2. On tab Webhosting open detail of webhosting which you want to add alias
  3. In the left menu, click on the link Aliases
  4. Enter the new alias name
  5. Check option perform changes to our DNS servers for alias domain
  6. Click on add alias

After adding of alias please wait 30 minutes before changes take effect on servers. Also, it may take some time (sometimes several hours) before changes take effect in DNS. So be patient.

By the default, the added alias is directed to /www folder of your webhosting, so you will see the same website on alias as main domain. If you want to display different website on alias you have to create special folder for it like www/domains/aliasdomain.com.

More information in article Different websites on aliases

NOTICE! For proper operation of aliases is necessary to situate on the FTP in folder /www/ our default file .htaccess from the instructions above.

Direct FTP access to an alias folder

For an alias can be also created a separated FTP account that directs to the directory of specified alias.

  1. On tab Webhosting open webhosting detail on which you want to create new FTP account
  2. In left menu click on New FTP Account
  3. Enter the details according to the example on images
  4. Then click, button create FTP account
  5. Login details will arrive to your e-mail

Example of directory on FTP account for a alias1 subdomain : / www/domains/alias.cz

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