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This guide solves the unavailability of e-mail or phone when logging in or working with the WEDOS customer administration. If you are solving a problem with the functioning of email services, follow the instructions in the guide Email – Troubleshooting.

In this article, you will learn:

Service and Administration Availability Tips

WEDOS bases all communication and above all authorization on a functional email. If the email is unavailable for some reason, or if we need to verify the customer thoroughly (for example, while changing domain owners), we use the phone for verification.

A good email meets the following conditions:

  • You can access it from any device.
  • It doesn’t run on the domain or hosting service in the same customer account.
  • It isn’t the only billing email of the corresponding domain or hosting service.

Therefore, emails hosted with reliable external providers, to which you will not lose access if the domain or hosting associated with the address inadvertently expires, are the most suitable.

We recommend setting such an always-available email address as Email 2 in the service’s billing information, which will allow customer support to send a payment request for an expired service to a replacement working email address if necessary.

For a phone number, it is enough to ensure reliable access to SMS, even if such a message is marked as spam by your carrier or software.

WEDOS never contacts customers by phone.

Unavailable Email

The most common reasons for email being unavailable are:

  • Deleted mailbox: Try creating a canceled or deleted mailbox again.
  • Canceled email hosting: If the hosting service on which you run emails is not available, but the domain of this service is fine, you can solve the situation in one of the following ways:
    • Pay for the expired service: You can find the services invoices not only in the email, but also directly in the customer administration panel, for example in the order overview.
    • Request temporary access: If you do not have access to our hosting invoicing and no more than 5 days have passed since its expiration, you can use the contact form to ask support to reactivate it temporarily. Include the hosting name with your request.
    • Redirect domain emails: You can forward emails directly from the domain to any existing and functional mailbox on another domain. Follow the instructions Domains – Redirection.
  • Unavailable email domain: If the registry removed the email domain from DNS, all that remains is to set another email for the account or service. Contact support, sample requests can be found in the instructions below according to the context.

We deal with email unavailability in the following contexts:

Unavailable Phone

SMS messages most often do not arrive due to blocking on the recipient’s side. If the requested SMS does not arrive within 1 minute of sending, follow these steps:

  1. In the given interface, resend the SMS.
  2. Request an SMS resend from another browser.
  3. Check that SMS is not blocked by your phone’s software (go through the SPAM folder or use another SMS client).
  4. Contact us via the contact form to check the situation. To speed up processing, provide information about the account or service, or about the SMS itself (recipient number, sending times). Inquiries are usually handled by the authorization department within 1 working day.
WEDOS Link to resend SMS when registering a new user
Link to resend SMS when registering a new user

We solve phone unavailability in the following situations:

  • Customer account verification. Contact customer service according to the guide above.
  • Change CZ domain owner online: Update the contact using the guide Domains – Edit Contact Information.


Question: How to solve unavailable WordPress email?
Answer: As such, WordPress, although running on our hosting, is not our system, so you need to ask the webmaster to resolve unavailable email.

Question: What if I subsequently discover a typo in the entered phone number?
Answer: Fix it using the link to change the phone number in the verification form. In case of a typo in the domain contact phone number, edit this contact.

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