Authorised Users

Authorised users can give access to their services to another customer account. You do not need to provide your webmaster with your login details and they will still be able to set up your web hosting through their customer account. The customer will see the items made available from another account (services, invoices, DNS…) in the client administration lists in the table below the list of their own services. They will also be able to work with these services/items as if they were registered directly in their customer account.

In this case, of course, you must trust the person you make the services available to, as they can do virtually anything to them.

Access to all services provided by us can be given, including invoicing and credit account management.

You can set, for example, to enable administration for all your domains or only for some selected ones, including the optional setting of administration of future services in a specific category.

The Procedure for Setting Authorisations:

  • Find out the ID and login e-mail of the customer account to which you will make your services available (i.e. the details of your administrator’s account). If someone wishes to make their services available to you, they will need your login and ID.
  • Log in to the customer administration
  • On the “My Account” tab, click on the “Customer” link and then select “User Privileges” in the left menu.
  • Use the “add authorised user” button to add users (“customer account ID” and “customer login”). The services on the account to which you are currently logged in will be made available to this account.
  • In the “Granted Permissions” form, select the categories of services you wish to make available and add them using the “Add >>” button. Beware of domains, DNS has a separate category. You may want to add just one, or both, for full domain management, including DNS.
  • To select specific services in a category, first select the category with the magnifying glass. Select specific services to be made available to another account, select a permission level, and use the “Save Permissions” button.

After completing the set up, the user who has been granted the authorisation will see the services in their customer account. You can recognize the completed settings by the green names of the available services.

Possible Problems

  • I don’t see any available services in my account

Please review the entire manual again to ensure that the services have been made available correctly. If the service owner does not see specific services highlighted in green and does not have a number of assigned services for groups made available, they are not available.

  • ERROR: The customer account ID cannot be equal to your customer account ID

Fill in the information of the target customer account in the “Add authorized customer account” form – the details of the account to which you will make your services available. It does not make sense to provide your own account information.

  • I have made the domain available, but the destination account cannot set DNS.

DNS is a separate group that must also be made available. You can therefore choose to make only the domain without DNS available, or on the contrary only DNS without the domain, or (for full administration) make both groups available.

  • My webmaster does not have a customer account with WEDOS, how do I make my services available to them?

A WEDOS customer account is required to access the services. If the administrator does not have an account, they can create one free of charge. If for some reason they do not want to use their e-mail, we suggest reserving one e-mail box for them within your mail server and creating another customer account with it.

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