Services – Move Between Accounts

Every service (domain, web hosting, virtual or dedicated server – see our complete offer) is registered under a specific customer account. You can easily move any service to another account.

Some Important Information:

  • The transfer between accounts cannot be undone, unless the other customers carry out the same procedure of transferring in the opposite direction back to your account.
  • Changing the customer account will not result in any further changes to the service, the operation of the service itself will not be affected in any way.
  • There will be no change to the billing information (these, can be changed subsequently by Editing Customer Information).
  • Transferring a domain to another customer account does not change the owner of domain. This must be done separately (see instructions in this knowledge base for information in relation specific domain suffixes)
  • When transferring CZ domains, the authorization password will be automatically changed (randomly generated).
  • This guide does not describe moving data between services, such as between web hosting and WMS or VPS and web hosting. This is described here.

A Singular Transfer of a Service

  1. Find out the ID and login information of the target customer account. Both details should be provided to you by the other party. The ID is in the customer administration in the upper right yellow box. They should know their login name, it is also a security feature against moving to an unknown account.
  2. Log in to the customer administration, into the account where the service is located
  3. In detail of the specific service, click on the Change Customer Account link in the left menu
  4. In the form, enter the ID and login name of the account to which you wish to move the service and press the “Make Changes” button

Bulk Transfer of Services

If you wish to transfer a large number of services to another customer account, use the bulk transfer option:

  1. Find out the ID and login information of the target customer account
  2. Log in to the customer administration, into the account where the service is located
  3. In the list of services (eg. domains), select the items to be moved, select the transfer to another customer account option in the rolldown list below your list and click on the Perform button.
  4. In the next step, enter the ID and login name of the account to which you wish to move your services and press the “Continue” button
  5. Finally, check the list of selected services to move and confirm by pressing the Complete button.

Bulk transfers are only possible within a specific category, so if you need to move multiple domains and multiple web hosts, you’ll need to move services from one category in one step (first) and from another category in the next step (later).

Transfers Between Accounts and Unavailable Billing

After moving a service with a issued payment request to another account, the existing payment request will remain in the original customer account. In this case, change your billing information for the service and a new request for payment will be issued. If the problem persists, contact our customer support.

Transfers Between Accounts and Website Changes

Web hosting is moving as a whole service, so nothing should change about the website at all. The PHP configuration does not change either. However, you should check with your webmaster to see if this action will have any subsequent settings or changes to billing information for other services, including external services.

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