Different content management systems on a single webhosting

If you want to use different content management systems in one webhosting, read this manual. It also serves to solve problems with the friendly URL for the operation of multiple content management systems simultaneously on a single hosting. With this procedure, you can use different CMS on the main domain than a CMS on a subdomain and will always work with friendly URL.

Solution (friendly URL) by using the .htaccess is also suitable, provided that on the server running a variety of content management systems and shops (one as main domain, another to be a subdomain).

In folder www leave our current (original. htaccess) unchanged. Main web, the first content management system (say, for example, WordPress) for the main domain, place the directory domains/domain.tld/ (same as alias, but in fact, nothing changes). Create directory /yourdomain.tld and copy CMS into it (in our case WordPress). All files (for the CMS) will therefore in this subdirectory (www/domains/yourdomain.tld). The first CMS (in our case, WordPress) creates its own file .htaccess, which will be directly in this subdirectory (www/domains/yourdomain.tld). Do not change it.

If you will have another CMS (for example, PrestaShop), which will be used on subdomain (for example eshop), place it into directory www/domains/eshop.yourdomain.tld there you this CMS (in our case, PrestaShop) creates own .htaccess. Do not change it.

Example of final directory structure and placement of .htaccess files:

  • www – in this directory only our htaccess, do not change it
  • www/domains/yourdomain.tld – first CMS with own .htaccess
  • www/domains/eshop.yourdomain.tld – second CMS with own .htaccess (as subdomain)

This way you can have on the server installed various content management systems, and each can have its own .htaccess with its rules.

Each CMS must be in its own subdirectory (domains or subdomain) to not intrude .htaccess rules together.

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