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Webhosting is always linking with the domain name. By using aliases is possible to add more domains at webhosting, but webhosting name is depended on the primary(main) domain name. According to the main domain are named e-mail boxes at webhosting.

NOTICE! By renaming webhosting there is no change in the functionality of web pages. From a technical point of view, there is no difference between the primary domain and the aliases. The difference is only in the e-mail service. Therefore is unnecessary to rename webhosting just because you want to “swap” the main domain with some alias without reason to change the domain for e-mail mailboxes.

NOTICE! When renaming webhosting it can be a short-time outage of web pages.

Requirements for a new webhosting name:

  1. name must be a valid domain name of the second level (domain.tld)
  2. domain which you want to set as a new name must exist (if registered with us, it must be in the same user account)
  3. domain can not be linked with another web hosting service (such as its name or alias)

Performing rename

To rename a webhosting, follow the following instructions:

  1. Log in to customer administration
  2. Open tab Webhosting
  3. Open detail of particular webhosting
  4. In left menu use link Tools
  5. Carefully read the section “Renaming a webhosting“, which informs you about the whole process of renaming.
  6. Enter a new name and submit the form for the remaining
  7. Edit DNS settings – if you want to point the new domain directly to the renamed webhosting, check this option.
  8. Include the new webhosting name into the Let’s Encrypt certificate – Select this option if you want to use the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on the webhosting together with the new name of the webhosting. Fill in any intended subdomains, otherwise leave the Subdomains field blank. In order to be able to issue the certificate immediately, the new domain would have to be already redirected to the new webhosting in DNS in advance, so you will most likely have to issue the certificate later. So don’t be afraid of any error messages about the certificate.
  9. Successful renaming you will notice immediately after the refresh of the page by confirming the process of the renaming and changing the name of the webhositng.
steps 1 – 3, in the customer administration, select in the menu Webhosting and select which one it is
steps 3 – 8 are running in one page
step 9 successful renaming is announced by an information message and a change of the webhosting name in the titles

After successfully rename will be following situation:

  • watch what our system tells you, you may need to confirm something else (typically Let’s Encrypt certificate)in the administration of webhosting you will see a different name
  • it will change the login information to all e-mail boxes (using the new domain name)
  • configuration changes of the WWW server will take effect within 30 minutes
  • the functionality of the WWW is not changed, there is no need to move data between the webhosting directory and subdirectories domains
  • you may need to edit your site’s URL, ideally, consult your webmaster, or try looking in your site settings

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