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In this article, you will learn:

Change Plan to Extra or LowCost

If you want to change the Webhosting plan to LowCost or Extra (you can find a comparison of all variants on the Webhosting Plan Comparison page), follow these steps:

  1. Log into the customer administration panel.
  2. In the navigation bar, select Hosting services  Webhosting.
  3. Choose the service you want to change the variant of.
  4. In the Information section, item Webhosting Plan, click the change link.
  5. In the addons table, select the desired plan and click on the green + button in the left part of the row.
  6. In the addon detail, click the Activate button.
WEDOS Change of Webhosting plan
Change of Webhosting plan through the addons menu

You can only change the plan before the service expires. If you want to change it after this deadline, ask customer support to change it for you. Include the name of the service, the required plan, and a request to send a new invoice.

After activating the Extra plan, the system will generate and send an additional payment invoice within one working day. You can try the Extra plan for free for 7 days. If you deactivate the addon again within that time, the system will cancel the additional invoice.

After activating the LowCost plan, the cheaper price will apply starting with the next payment period. If there already is an unpaid bill for the Webhosting service, after activating the LowCost variant, the system cancels that original bill and issues a new one for the reduced amount within 1 working day. You can speed this process up by renewing your Webhosting manually.

The Extra and LowCost variants are mutually exclusive. To activate one, you must first deactivate the other.

Deactivate LowCost or Extra

The steps for deactivating plans are the same as for activation. In the addons table, instead of the + button, click the magnifying glass icon, and in the next step click the Deactivate button.

If you deactivate the LowCost addon, the system issues a surcharge invoice for the amount corresponding to the difference between the price of the LowCost variant and the standard NoLimit variant for the remaining service period. The system will notify you of this before confirming the deactivation.

WEDOS Deactivating the LowCost plan and the related surcharge
Deactivating the LowCost plan and the related surcharge
How to disable the Extra extension with large mailboxes?

The Extra plan has a larger base mailbox (by 5 GB) than the other plans. Before you disable it, make sure your Webhosting service has:

  • a maximum of 5 GB of emails in total, or
  • a large enough email capacity through different addons.

Refer to the article Emails – Mailbox Storage Upgrade. If the plan change is stuck, contact customer support.

Common Issues

Common problems with changing the Webhosting plan include:

Change Plan After Expiration

Issue: The service is about to expire and won’t allow me to change the variant according to this guide.

Cause: The system does not allow customers to change Webhosting addons after expiration.

Solution: Contact customer support. Request a plan change using the template:

Please change the plan of the Webhosting (name of web hosting) to (name of tariff). Send a new invoice as well.

Extra to NoLimit Downgrade Email Issue

Issue: When trying to disable the Extra addon, an error message appears: The Extra addon cannot be removed. The space for emails after removing the addon (5120 MB) is smaller than the current size of emails (XXXX MB). First, reduce the size of emails.

Cause: The Extra extension includes, among other things, 5 GB of extra space for emails. Therefore, to downgrade, you must first ensure that the new service configuration has enough capacity for the current mailbox contents.

The system recalculates mailbox capacity approximately once every 14 days, so it might not register mailbox cleanup right away. Customer support can update this value manually.

Solution: You can clean mailboxes or increase their capacity with an addon according to this guide. If the system does not reflect your changes, ask customer support to manually update the e-mail capacity. The normal processing time is 1 hour + 1/2 hour for processing in the system.

HTTPS Deactivated with Extra

Issue: After downgrading from Extra, HTTPS stopped working.

Cause: For historical reasons, HTTPS is an addon that was previously also part of the Extra package. For some services, these addons might not have been unlinked, and turning off Extra will also turn off the addon for HTTPS.

Solution: Activate the HTTPS Support addon, or use quick HTTPS set-up.


Question: Does the plan change affect emails in mailboxes?
Answer: Mostly not. An exception may be downgrading from the Extra plan, where there is only 5 GB of space compared to the original 10 GB. In this case, the system will only allow the downgrade if there are less than 5 GB of e-mails in the mailboxes, or you increase the mailboxes separately so that your mail will fit in the mailboxes even after the plan change.

Question: Why did the variant and price increase even occur?
Answer: We want our NoLimit service to have the best price/performance ratio on the market, but at the same time keep up with the demands of modern content management systems. We have increased the performance so that even more demanding websites have no problem with it, and we have adjusted the price accordingly.
At the same time, we created the LowCost variant for customers who know how to optimize their website enough that limited performance is sufficient.

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