Webhosting and IPv6

All our web hosting servers are available over IPv6 and IPv6 sites are configured. IPv6 AAAA records are added automatically into DNS. Just select “set records at DNS servers WEDOS” in the first step of the order.

If you do not want to use IPv6 you can turn it off in webhosting detail in administration.

Enable/Disable IPv6

If you want your web hosting been available/unavailable over IPv6 and your domain uses our DNS servers, you can enable/disable this option in the customer administration:

  1. Log in to customer administration
  2. Open tab Webhosting
  3. Open particulary webhosting detail
  4. Check/uncheck support IPv6 and press button set DNS records

By following the procedure you can add/remove AAAA records for the domain in the DNS. The change will take effect within one hour.

If your domain is not using our DNS servers you can find IPv6 adresses in webhosting detail and then you can set them on your DNS servers.

PHP and IPv6

Our web servers and PHP are fully prepared for IPv6, but IPv6 must be also supported by your PHP applications.

What is the possible problem? Application according to your needs can work with the IP address from which came the request. This address is listed in the global variable $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]. If someone comes to the web via IPv6, the address will appear in this variable. Older applications may not be ready for this. IP address of the visitor can be used for logging, checking permissions, etc., and if the input appears unexpectedly IPv6 address, you may encounter problems.

You also need to think about IPv6 in the design and structure of the database tables. For example, it is not enough when the column to store the IP address of the visitor has a length limited to 15 characters.

Before you turn on IPv6 on shared hosting, check whether you have used PHP applications compatible with IPv6

E-mail servers and IPv6

Our e-mail servers are not available via IPv6 for now. If we make IPv6 available, you will not need to perform any adjustments from your side.

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