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Free WEDOS Disk

We offer a WEDOS Disk service for free with every active web hosting, VPS HDD/SSD or dedicated server:

  • each Webhosting: 5 GB storage space (max. 5 thousand files);
  • each VPS HDD/SSD or dedicated server: 10 GB storage space (max. 10 thousand files).

If you have several hosting services, you can get a free WEDOS Disk for each of them.

When you terminate the respective hosting service, the system also terminates the corresponding WEDOS Disk. The data of a deleted Disk cannot be recovered, just like the data of a deleted hosting service.

Creating a Free Disk

Set up a free WEDOS Disk for your hosting service by following these steps:

  1. Log into the customer administration panel.
  2. In the navigation bar, select Hosting or Server services, followed by Webhosting, VPS HDD, VPS SSD, or Dedicated servers.
  3. Choose the service you want to create a Disk for.
  4. In the menu, click Free WEDOS Disk.
  5. Click the Create free WEDOS Disk button.
WEDOS Creating a free Disk for a VPS SSD service
Creating a free Disk for a VPS SSD service

The disk will be set up within 10 minutes of sending the order.


Question: Can I join multiple smaller Disks into a bigger one?
Answer: No, each service has its own Disk, and you cannot merge them in any way.

Question: Can I upgrade the free Disk to a paid plan?
Answer: You cannot upgrade the free disk directly, but you can order a paid variant and migrate the data. The original disk remains free of charge for as long as you have the service to which it is linked

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