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WEDOS Disk free

Free disk space (to webhosting, VPS and dedicated servers) has not specified any expiration date, the expiration date is relevant to hosting service. If, for example, associated webhosting is disabled or deleted, then is disabled and deleted appropriate WEDOS Disk.

Each paid service WEDOS Disk has stated expiration date. If you want to continue to use the service, you have to extend the expiration date.

If you do not renew the service before expiration it occurs termination of service (the files will not be accessible via any protocol) it will be completely canceled and all data erased.

Our system 15 days before expiration automatically creates renewal order and sends payment request to customer’s e-mail. The service is extended after receipt of payment to our account (or after a successful on-line payment).

This behavior before expiration can be modified. More information in article Set expiration and renewal of services.

Service WEDOS Disk can be paid yearly or monthly, it can not be renewed for the quarter or semester. If you want to change the billing period, follow the instructions Change the billing period of services.

If you are not interested in disk space anymore you can cancel order or service by following instructions Termination of services.

Manual renewal of service

Service WEDOS Disk can be manually renewed in the customer administration in details of a particular service in the left menu use link Renewal. You can pay for renewal via ze credit account (if you have activated and enough funds on it) or can be created payment request and sent by email.

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