Domain renewal, expiration

Each domain has specified expiration date, ie. the day of its expiry. If you want to continue using the domain, it needs in extend the expiration date.

If you do not renew domain, depending on the particular TLD it will be shut down and later also to the complete cancellation.

If it is not set otherwise, our system for all domains 30 days before their expiration creates automatically renewal order and sens it to the customer by email.

This behavior before expiration can be modified, see Setting expiration and renewal of services.

Manual renewal of domains

Domains can be manually extended at any time in a customer center in detail of the specific domain by using link in left menu Domain renewal. In the form, select the number of years for which you want to extend. You can pay renewal order immediately from credit account (if you are using it and you have sufficient credit) or will be created to payment request and sent by e-mail.

Also in the customer center can be performed multiple domain extensions or for controlling domains use the API interface.

Transfer between accounts and unavailable billing

After moving a service with a issued payment request to another account, the existing payment request will remain in the original customer account. In this case, change your billing information for the service and a new request for payment will be issued.