Domain Renewal and Expiration

Each domain has a specified expiration date. If you want to continue using the domain, it needs to be renewed prior to the expiration date.

If you do not renew the domain, depending on the particular TLD, it will be shut down and later completely cancelled.

Unless otherwise set for a domain, our system automatically creates a one-year renewal order for all domains 30 days before their expiration and sends a payment request to the customer by email.

This behavior before expiration can be modified, see Setting the expiration and renewal of services.

The Manual Renewal of Domains

Domains can be manually renewed at any time in the customer administration, in detail of the specific domain by using the Domain renewal link in the left menu. In the form, select the number of years for which you wish to renew the domain. You can pay for the renewal immediately from your credit account (if you are using it and you have sufficient credit in it) or a payment request will be created and sent by e-mail.

You can also perform bulk domain renewals in the customer administration or use APIs to control domains.

Transfers for Several Years, but the Payment Request Already Exists

Our system automatically issues a request for payment 30 days before a domain’s expiration. It may happen that during the last month of the domain’s validity, you decide to renew your domain for several years. In the customer administration, however, this option is blocked by an existing request for payment.

Contact us, we will cancel the request for payment and allow the creation of a new one, for the selected number of years.

We are working on simplifying this process.

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