Setting expiration and renewal of services

For domain and all WEDOS services you can define what should happen before the upcoming expiration:

  • payment request with reminders – 14-30 days before expiration (by service type) is created renewal order and sent to the e-mail with payment request. The customer is also notified that order is not paid (8 days and 5 days before expiration)
  • payment request without reminders – same as above, but you do not receive any reminders about unpaid order
  • without payment request, notification only – renewal order is not created, only a single e-mail notification about the upcoming expiration
  • automatic renewal – the service is automatically extended for another period of 10 days before expiration (if you have an active credit account and you have sufficient credit on it).
  • do nothing – any notification is not sent, renewal order is not created

The behavior of what should happen before the upcoming expiration can be set at two levels:

  1. Global settings for each type of service (domain, webhosting, serverhosting, WEDOS Disk)
  2. For folders of services

Global setting applies to all services in a customer account which has no folder or in a folder which is used by default.

If you want to change domains behavior before expiration creates a folder for them. Change folder behavior before the expiration and move domain into this folder. Setting behavior before expiration on the folder always overrides the global setting.

The default behavior is to send payment requests with reminders.

Besides this behavior always 2 days before expiration, you will receive an e-mail with a final warning before stopping services (does not apply to services which indicated as terminated).

Global settings

Global services behavior before expiration can be set according to the following procedure:

  1. Log in to customer center
  2. Select tab customer
  3. In the left menu, click on the link Setting services expiration
  4. In the form, select desired behavior for each type of service and save your changes

Setting for folders

If you want some other behavior of services, different than global, follow the following instructions.

In this example, assume that we have a number of important domains that you want to renew automatically before expiration without our intervention.

  1. Log in to customer center
  2. Click on the tab Domains
  3. Above the list of domains, right click on the link manage folders>>
  4. In the bottom of the form, create a folder named eg. “important
  5. In the folder list, click on this folder to edit (icon on the left)
  6. In the form below choose the automatic extension and save changes
  7. Return to the list of domains, check your important domains and choose in the bottom right of the list move to folder: important

By doing this is determined that the domain stored in the folder “important” will be automatically renewed before expiration (only if you have activated credit account and sufficient credit there). Other domains that do not have a folder or other folder, they will follow global settings.

Automatic renewal

One of the behavior options before expiration is automatic renewal. To do this you need to have an active credit account and have sufficient credit there.

The first attempt for renewal is made 10 days before expiration. If this fails, attempts are repeated with daily intervals. If the service is not renewed even 3 days before expiration, the notification about the lack of credit is sent to the customer’s email.

CAUTION! use automatic renewal with care. 10 days before expiration, the service will be renewed and your credit deducted from account and such action can not be taken back! If you will change your mind after, you can not return the credit!.

Automatic renewal is not implemented if already exists unpaid payment request.