WEDOS WebSite – Online store / order form


WEDOS WebSite is designed as a simple online store or order form. It allows you to manage your website just with your personal computer with skills in programming or graphics. All you need is to show your products and connect with your customers. With the rising popularity of online lessons, voucher sales, or organic local products and payments going online, it’s a great tool for each entrepreneur.

There are no advanced e-commerce tools, so further contact with customers will be probably required. An online store can only show your products, provide payment details, and connect you with your customer. Any additional functions are possible with creativity.

Create an attractive description

Product example. You can publish In stock amount (it’s just a text), product description, main features and link to Order form.

For a product description, you can use blocks from the Pricing or Content category. Or use components to create your unique design.

Blocks for description – Pricing, and Content categories (menu is only in Czech so far).

Create an order form

Order form example.

Contact form is an essential part, where customers can let you know about their purchase. In WebSite service, it’s offered in Profi and Premium variants. Use blocks in the Contact_EN category. With Premium, you can also use Maps – contact forms with map. Using a contact form, customers can place their orders and let you know.

Blocks for contact forms. See categories Contact_CZ, Contact_EN, and Maps (menu is only in Czech so far).

In the contact form, there are name, e-mail, phone, and message fields. In the future, there should be more options available. Captcha is included, no settings needed. Your WebSite will be SPAM-free automatically. Forms will be delivered to your e-mail address, as you set it in the service settings.

Offer an online payment

When sending a bank transfer, all you need is to scan the QR code. Information will fill in automatically, the amount may need to be customized according to the order.

Online bank transfers are fast and everyone can use their smart banking solution. Money is usually delivered in seconds (ask your bank for more information). Keep some extra time in case of longer transfers (holidays, etc.).

Our concept shows how to prepare your personal QR code that your customers can easily scan. If recognized well, it will fill in all the necessary payment details, only authorization is needed. Ask your customers for placing their name in the note – to recognize it safely.

Example of QR code generator, see instructions from your bank.

Managing orders

Finished forms will be sent to your e-mail address. It was set during the WebSite order:

E-mail orders will be delivered to your e-mail address. You will set it during the WebSite order.

You can change your e-mail anytime in the WEDOS WebSite control panel in Můj účet section.

How to change your e-mail address: Můj účet >> E-mail >> Aktualizovat detaily (only in Czech so far)

When an order is placed, you will have:

  • an e-mail with credentials from the online form (you can instruct your clients to fill in any specific details), so there is a chance to send a voucher or talk about details
  • received payment (instruct your clients to fill in their name to the note)

Model situations

  • online ticket system (concerts, courses, fitness, yoga, events, etc.)
  • own products offer – online payment and order
  • vouchers (accommodation, restaurant, experience, etc.)
  • any other online offer to reach your customer

How to create a QR code?

It should be easily available in your smartphone banking app. Search for terms as Request a payment or QR payment. Also sharing your account number may provide a QR code. Or ask your bank or smart banking provider.


WEDOS WebSite offers hundreds of prepared templates and blocks. We are currently preparing e-shop templates.

Customer support, online chat

Take good care with brilliant customer support. WEDOS WebSite supports live chat and chatbot from Smartsupp. Within 5 minutes you can have a free chatbot and live chat. With a chatbot, you can instantly answer frequently asked questions, with a live chat your customers can easily reach you.

Live chat and chat bot. Great for your customer support.

WEDOS WebSite supports multilingual cookie bar.

Frequently asked questions

There are no payment gates or order management, is it real e-shop?

Yes, sure. It’s based on e-mail and bank transfers. All you need is to get in touch with customer and transfer money.

What if I need different product variants?

There are more ideas on how to do that: to instruct your customer to specify details in the order note or to create more pages, representing different variants. Each page can have its own stock. You can also discuss all the details via e-mail or phone call.

What if I need online booking, different variants or other personalization?

Just sell vouchers. All other details will be neglected over the phone or e-mail.

How to skip from the “ORDER NOW” button to order form?

There is a button setting, you can set a link to the contact form. Using this button will lead your visitor directly to the online form.

The button can lead directly to the online form. Cool user experience.

WEDOS WebSite offers simplicity, easy web administration, and fast customer connection with the seller via e-mail and bank transfer. It does not offer advanced options for e-shop systems, payment gateways, or order management. For such purposes, use the NoLimit web hosting and its application installer instead.

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