iRMC – KVM, CD/DVD Connection

  Dedicated Servers

KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) is a technology that allows remote access to a server’s monitor, keyboard and mouse. From the comfort of your home or office, you can access the server’s monitor as if you were right next to it.

You can access the Fujitsu KVM dedicated server via the iRMC Advanced Video Redirection application. This application requires Java to run. The application can be started from iRMC management from the Console Redirection tab in the Video Redirection subsection with the Start Video Redirection button. After clicking, the server screen will open in a new window.

The server’s screen

It is possible to work with the keyboard and mouse as if you were sitting directly at the server. The most practical use is, for example, for setting up HW RAID, or possible reinstallation of the system, etc. First, we will briefly go over the functions that this tool for remote management offers us.

Remote CD/DVD Connection

An important feature of this KVM software is the possibility of connecting a remote device – CD / DVD or ISO image of a CD / DVD. This can be done via the Remote Storage -> Remote Storage… tab. There you will see a list of data devices on your computer (not on the server – you will see your CD-ROM, your connected USB files). There are now 2 options:

  1. Select a device from the list and click Connect. This will make this device appear as a device on the server. Thus, the CD / DVD that you have inserted in your PC drive will also appear to be mounted on the server, as if you had inserted the CD / DVD into the drive in the server.
  2. By clicking the Add… button, you can select an ISO file (with an image of a CD / DVD) stored on your computer, which you will connect to the server in this way. After selecting the file, click the Connect button. The CD / DVD drive with the content from the selected ISO file will reappear on the server.

The server can now start reading data from the device, which are sent from your PC to the server via the Internet as needed.

The boot menu at server startup can be called up with the F12 key.

The CD / DVD selected in this way is connected to the server until the KVM window is closed, or the CD / DVD can be disconnected by clicking the Disconnect button.

Of course, you can also boot from a CD / DVD connected in this way.

The media connection panel


In the menu, in Extras -> Virtual Keyboard…, you will find a graphical keyboard. This can be useful if your keyboard is not fully compatible with the system and you need to type a non-standard character. Sometimes this can be solved simply by switching your keyboard’s laguage.

Virtual keyboard

It is also possible to set it in the Preferences -> Preferences tab. Here we find a panel with 4 tabs. In the Misc tab, it is possible to set whether compression will be used during image transfer. In the Logging tab, it is possible to set the logging of keyboard inputs. In the Keyboard tab, you can select the keyboard type. The last tab is the Mouse tab. You can set the position of the mouse in it, either relatively or absolutely – absolutely for Windows, relatively for Linux.

Preferences Panel
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