Changing the service operator

The data of the service provider is used to generate a Processing Agreement, which regulates the mutual rights and obligations between us as a service provider and you as a service administrator in the processing of personal data that we obtain in connection with the provision of the service. The change of operator can be done in two ways, electronically (via email and SMS) or via a paper application with officially verified signatures.

How can I change the service operator?

You can change the operator for services that can store and retain personal data. That is, miniweb – if used, web hosting, WebSite, VPS, WMS, WEDOS DISK, WEDOS Cloud, WEDOS CD, or dedicated server. You can find a complete overview of our services on the official website.

Changing the service operator

Change via email and SMS

The first way is to change via email and SMS. In the event that any of these data is incorrect, it is necessary to choose the second option, namely a paper application with officially verified signatures.

  1. Fill in the data of the new operator in the section “Service operator data set up“.
  2. Under the contact details, you will confirm the consents and statements
  3. In the section “Method of confirming changes”, select “The change is confirmed by the original and the new owner by using an e-mail and SMS
  4. Confirm the correctly entered data with the [Save] button
Changing the service operator

After saving the request both previous and new operators will receive SMS and e-mail with authorization codes. Both need to use the link in the e-mails to confirm the request with authorization codes.

Dear Customer, 

We've received a request to change the information of web hostig xyz.tld to the following:

Legal form: *****************
Company: *****************
Name: *****************
Email: *****************
Phone: *****************
ID: *****************
VAT: *****************
Street: *****************
ZIP: *****************
Country: Czech Republic

Click the link below to confirm the change.

To confirm, you must enter (new operator):
- the password in this email: DsK****gQj
- the password we sent you in an SMS to +XXX 77******3

If you do not want to change the operator's data, it is possible to cancel the request by clicking on the link.

Confirm the change here:*****************************eGlL437WiljFusZo

After confirming the request we also require to confirm the consents and statements.

Form to fill password from e-mail and SMS

After both sides confirm the request, the service operator will be changed and the new operator will receive a new Processing Agreement.

Change with officially verified signature

The second way is an application with an officially verified signature. If there is the wrong email or phone number set for the service, it is necessary to make the change through an application with officially verified signatures of the original and new owner.

Confirmations by the original and the new operator may be sent separately. Both requests must be officially signed and verified.

How to deliver confirmations?

Both confirmations must be sent to our company headquaters, which is:

WEDOS Internet, a.s.
domain department

Masarykova 1230
37341 Hluboká nad Vltavou

For electronic signature owners we allow to use just a PDF document, electronically signed.

You can also deliver your request to our data box: dc6iqnh

CZECH POINT offices provide also authorized document conversion service.

Processing time

Electronic requests

Electronic requests are (after full confirmation) processed within 30 minutes.

Officially signed requests

If you deliver signed requests with no need of further verification, usually we proceed it within 5 days.