WEDOS EWM – Tests described

We will describe all available tests in WEDOS EWM monitoring. With each test name we show in which package is it available (S = Start | P = Professional | HA = High Availability).

WEDOS EWM, fully set, High Availability package.

Domain P | HA

Domain expiration date monitoring.

This test will notify you of the upcoming domain expiration date. An expired domain usually leads to website and mailboxes outage and eventually you may completely lose your domain. With WEDOS EWM you can renew your domain in time and with no worries.


Website response monitoring.

Testing HTTP(S) allows you to check if your website is responding as expected or if there is any other situation. We use response codes. Usually, we expect a 200 OK response, which means your website is working. If we detect any other response code (404 Not Found, 403 Forbidden, 301 / 302 redirects), we will notify you and you can solve it.

The unexpected response is in most cases caused by a broken website, deleted content, wrong settings, or malware. The website can be down for many days until you accidentally visit it and see the problem.

DNS servers S | P | HA

Monitoring of DNS servers.

DNS servers control, which webserver and mailserver your domain use.

Wrong DNS settings may lead to unexpected problems while reaching your website or mailboxes. We can notify you in case of problems.


DNSSEC monitoring.

DNSSEC verifies that there is no malicious attack trying to redirect your visitors to a fake website by changing DNS on the way. Visitors could get in trouble there by posting their personal or payment details. Fake websites are usually hard to recognize. We can notify you about the wrong DNSSEC settings.

MX servers P | HA

MX servers monitoring.

MX servers take care of your incoming e-mails. If unavailable, your customers may have trouble reaching you. We will notify you in case of wrong settings.


Monitorování SMTP serveru.

SMTP server handles your outgoing e-mails. If unavailable, you can experience problems with sending e-mails to your customers. Also, your website could be affected, since there is a lot of automatic e-mails (new registration, new order, etc.). We will notify you about the SMTP server outage.

POP3 / IMAP S | P | HA

Monitoring POP3 a IMAP serveru

POP3 and IMAP servers are there for your e-mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, etc.). If unavailable, you can experience problems connecting to your mailboxes. We will notify you about an outage.


FTP server monitoring.

FTP server is there for connecting to your website storage. You will need it for publishing your website and for any future updates. Make sure it’s always working with our monitoring.


SSH / SFTP monitoring.

Ensure your SSH / SFTP server is available and responding. We can also check login, if you provide login details.


SPF DNS record monitoring

SPF DNS record contains the list of servers allowed for sending your e-mails. Only servers listed in the SPF record can pass the recipient’s antispam control. We will notify you in case of the wrong SPF settings.

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