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If you are unable to delete unnecessary e-mails at full mailbox in webmail RoundCube you can delete them, there are two ways to delete e-mails from the mailbox. 

First we need to specify how works erasing of e-mails. E-mails are in fact not deleted but moved to another folder (trash). So Mail in the mailbox still occupies its place.

To remove e-mails:

1. Delete e-mails from a folder (trash)

In case of unsuccessful deleting of emails from (trash) folder follow these steps: 

  • Open Trash folder.
  • By using the Select function select all messages (or manually select messages which you going to delete).
  • Above, select the action Delete to delete the selected messages.

After removing of e-mails from the trash you make more free space and you can delete e-mails from mailboxes. Likewise, it may be necessary to delete the spam folder(Spam). The procedure is identical, but if the folder is missing, it is possible that you need to connect this folder in Roundcube:

  • Click the gear wheel icon in the left bottom corner of the main page of webmail.
  • Choose Manage folders.
  • This will open the appropriate section of the settings where the spam folder can be connected. If you do not see it here, folder does not exist on the server.

2. Deletion of messages settings

However, if trash is empty inbox is full, there is no other option than to delete messages directly, without storing them in the trash.

In the webmail interface, follow these steps:

  • In the top right corner select button Settings
  • In the section that appears chose Server settings
  • In the selected section enable option: If moving messages to Trash fails, delete them
  • Then continue by pressing Save

When deleting the e-mails which can not be moved to the trash foder, they are removed completely. When occupied space will be released, deleted messages are stored in trash folder again.

It is also possible to increase space for e-mails with additional service Increase space for e-mails

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