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This article describes service expiration and the behavior associated with it. If you want to extend the service, follow the instructions in the article Services – Renewal. If you want to set the behavior of services just before expiration, follow the instructions in Administration – Service Behavior Upon Expiration.

To terminate a service, follow the guide Services – Termination.

In this article, you can read:

Domain Expiration

Expiration of domains follows the terms of the registry, we cannot influence it in any way.

After expiration, the domain always goes through the following states:

  • Redemption Grace Period, locked DNS: The domain is still registered to its owner, but does not have access to DNS. Websites and emails do not work on this domain. You can renew the domain during this time counting from its original expiration date by paying the renewal fee.
  • Deleted from the Registry: You can re-register a domain deleted from the registry.

Depending on the registry, it can also go through the following states:

  • Redemption Grace Period, DNS functional: The domain works normally after expiration. If you renew the domain by paying a fee during this time, the registry calculates the new expiration date from the original expiration date, not from the renewal date.
  • Restoration Grace Period: The domain has been deleted from our system. You can restore it, but there is an extra fee. The restoration charge does not include the domain renewal fee itself.
  • Pending Delete: You cannot renew, restore or re-register the domain during this period.

You can find the duration of individual periods after the expiration of the TLDs we register in the following table:

DomainDNS functionalDNS lockedRestoration GracePending DeleteDeleted
CZ30 days30 daysday 61*
SK40 daysday 41
EU40 daysday 41
PL30 daysday 31
8 days22 days30 days***5 daysday 66
* On the 61st day, the domains enter an auction. For more information, visit the CZ.NIC auction website.
** gTLD: generic domains COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ; nTLD: new generic domains, such as NAME, ONLINE, WEBSITE…
*** You can renew the domain by paying the renewal fee up to 30 days after expiration.

You can extend the protection period of the domain by paying a fee until the DNS functional or the DNS locked (a total of 60 days for CZ domains and 30 days for gTLD and nTLD domains). If DNS has been disconnected, the domain should be fully functional again within 48 hours.

Hosting Service Expiration

Hosting services, meaning webhosting, WMS, WebSite, VPS HDD/SSD, VPS ON, dedikované servery, WEDOS Disk, Cloud and CD, are completely under our control. After expiration, they go through the following states:

  • Expired, on: The service works normally after expiration.
  • Expired, off: The service is disabled. Websites on web hosting, WMS and WebSite show an error message about shutting down the website, other services are unavailable. You can extend the service by paying the bill. The system will activate the service within 1 hour after receiving payment.
  • Deleted: The service is deleted. Domains directed to this service are redirected to the default page (if possible). The service data cannot be restored, we refund any late payments. You can create a new service with the same domain name.

A deleted service can only be restored by creating a new service with the same name. We do not keep backup data of deleted services.

You can find the duration of each period after the service’s expiration in the following table:

Webhosting, WebSite, VPS, Disk1 day28 daysday 30
WMS, Cloud, CD29 daysday 30
Dedicated servers6 daysday 7

Terminated services are turned off immediately after expiration and deleted on the 7th day after expiration (immediately for dedicated servers).

Temporary Access to an Expired Hosting Service

If you need to make a disabled service temporarily available, for example to download a backup, please contact customer support via the contact form using this template:

I request temporary activation of the service (name or number of the service) for (number of days of temporary activation, maximum 5) days for the purpose of (describe the purpose of making the service available, e.g. downloading a backup).

Support has the right to reject the request without explanation.

Common Issues

The most common issues with expiration are:

Service renewed, website doesn’t work

Issue: After renewing the expired service, the website (or e-mail) still does not work.

Cause: The most common cause is the restoration of only one service of the domain – web hosting pair (2 services). If you renewed both, it could be a DNS or cache delay.

Solution: Check the order overview in the customer administration and make sure that the system has successfully extended both the domain and the web hosting, i.e. both services are active.

If the domain was expired and removed from DNS, wait 6 – 48 hours for the servers to be rewritten.

If the webhost has expired, please wait 1 hour and clear the browser cache according to this community guide.


Question: If I start a hosting with the same name as the deleted one, can you upload a backup of the previous one to it?
Answer: We do not keep backups of deleted hosting services. If you don’t have a backup of your own, you need to start over.

Question: My generic domain has expired, but I don’t want to pay to restore it. When can I register it again?
Answer: You can re-register a generic domain on the 66th day after expiration.

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