WEDOS Cloud – Adding a Public Sunstone SSH Key

  WEDOS Cloud

For secure access to virtual servers (hereinafter referred to as VMs), which you create within the WEDOS Cloud service, it is necessary to insert your own public SSH key into the OpenNebula web interface. Switch to the advance mode for the same web interace layout.

Inserting a Public SSH Key Into Sunstone

  • Log in to the OpenNebula Web Interface
  • 1) Click on ‘Settings‘ in the left column
  • 2) Click onto ‘Auth
  • 3) Finally, click on the Public SSH key editing icon
  • Copy your entire public key into the empty field.

This will make it possible to log in to subsequently created VMs via SSH and to set up users.

Add a public Sunstone SSH key

Generation of SSH Keys

If you do not have your public key yet, you have to generate it. We described this procedure in the ‘How to Generate a Private and Public SSH Key’ guide.

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