Authorization passwords for domains

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Usage of authorization passwords for each domain that is in our offer:

  • CZ – passwords are required for re-registration (to us and from us), can be requested through any registrar, they can be used to confirm the change of owner
  • EU, generic – passwords are required for re-registration, before the transfer to us it must be obtained from the current registrar, to receive a password from us please contact us (see below)

Multiple sending of authorization passwords

In the customer, administration is available tools that allow you to retrieve authentication password for a greater number of domains simultaneously without filling individual requests.

The authorization password for domains registered with us

This authorization passwords you will need if you want to re-register domain name to another registrar from us or if you want to perform an operation that requires the password (eg change of owner).

Authorization passwords are sent separately for each domain to the owner’s email.

To obtain the password, proceed as follows::

  1. Login to your account in customer center
  2. Click on the tab Domains and open the list of your domains
  3. In the list, select the domain to which you want to get your password
  4. Below the list in the rolldown menu select action sends an authorization password and click on perform.
  5. This will open page where you can confirm the list of domains and send passwords.

Authorization password to the domains at another registrar

These passwords need to make the re-registration of CZ domain from another registrar to us. For generic domains, you must request a password from the current registrar.

Authorization passwords are sent to individual e-mails address of the domain owner.

To obtain the password, proceed as follows::

  1. Login to your account in customer center
  2. Click on the tab Domains
  3. In the left menu, click on the Multiple send authorization password
  4. This will open a page where you can enter domains (one domain per line).
  5. Passwords will are sent after confirmation.