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When you transfer a domain, its registrar changes, i.e. the provider to whom you pay for the registration, operation and renewal of the domain. Complete domain holder information is required. The cost of transfers is equal to the price of renewing the domain for 1 year. Once the domain is transferred it is automatically renewed for 1 year at the same time. There are no other changes, such as changes to the owner or DNS servers.

For a generic domain to be transferred to us, it must meet the following requirements:

  • there must be no less than 10 days before the domain’s expiration date
  • a minimum of 60 days must have passed since the domain’s registration or a previous registrar change
  • it must be unlocked by the original registrar (it’s status must not be LOCK, ClientTransferProhibited, etc..)
  • you must ask the current registrar for the transfer password (AUTH-ID)

If you want to transfer multiple domains, you transfer them in bulk or use the API interface for controlling them.

The Transfer Procedure

  1. First, contact the original domain registrar and ask them for the authorization password (AUTH-ID) and to unlock the domain for the transfer.
  2. Fill in the domain transfer order on our website
  3. In the second step, you are prompted to enter the authorization password.
  4. After completing the order, you will receive an e-mail with a payment request for the domain’s renewal for one year
  5. After you have paid, the transfer will start

During the transfer, you will receive up to 2 e-mails to the owner’s address:

  • a request for the confirmation of the change from the new registrar, from the company ASCIO Technologies (we use this company to register gTLDs), the e-mail is in English and its subject is “Initial Authorization for…“, the e-mail is addressed to the admin contact of domain
  • a request for confirmation of the change from the original registrar

Follow the instructions in these e-mail messages. Usually, you also need to click on the link in the e-mail and click on the button to confirm the correctness of the request to change the domain registrar.

As clear from the above, you need to set the domain owner’s contact e-mail address properly. The original registrar can send you the requested authorization password to this address or request to confirmation of a transfer once it has started.

If you have the an incorrect or malfunctioning e-mail address entered for the domain owner, it is necessary to solve this problem with the current registrar.

If the e-mail address is correct, make sure that the message is not being delivered into a spam folder.

CAUTION! The transfer will start after the full payment of fees. If the domain is nearing expiration, do not delay the transfer unnecessarily and meet all required conditions as soon as possible.

If all conditions are met, re-registration usually takes 1 week.

CAUTION! During an ongoing transfer, you can not make any changes to the domain, for example, changes of DNS. If you need to change DNS servers as quickly as possible, do so before starting transfer with the current registrar.

After a successful transfer, it is necessary to verify the contact details of the domain name holder. Verification takes place by sending an e-mail with a link to confirm the correctness of the contact information to the e-mail address of the domain holder. The email is sent by Ascio from the email address and must be confirmed within 15 days of the transfer, otherwise the domain registration will be suspended and the domain will be inoperative.

An Unaccounted Post-Expiration Year of the gTLD Domain After Its Transfer

In some cases, it may happen that the gTLD domain is not extended to us by one year after its transfer, even though the transfer fee was paid. This situation can occur if the domain is in the Auto-Renew Grace Period (ARGP) state before the transfer. The domain enters the ARGP state immediately after its expiration and is automatically renwed for one year on the registry the day after its expiration. The fee for such an renewal is charged to the current domain registrar (original registrar) of the domain. In this state, if the domain is transferred to another registrar (new registrar), the following process occurs:

  1. the fee for automatic renewal in ARGP is returned to the original registrar and the domain will lose 1 year of renewal in ARGP
  2. as a result of the transfer, the domain will be extended by one year, paid for by the new registrar

It follows that the domain will ultimately be renewed for only one year, not two years, and the domain holder should claim a renewal fee from the original registrar, to whom the fee was refunded as a result of the domain being transferred in ARGP. The official explanation in English is available here:

If you have any questions or are experiencing complications, contact our customer support.

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