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How to Manage Domain Contacts

You can manage the contacts of all your domains in your customer account. If you created these contacts with another provider, we recommend that you transfer them. This will greatly facilitate their administration.

Each contact can be in a different registry (just like domains), we divide them according to domain suffixes. In the customer administration in the Domains menu, search for TLD Tools in the left menu, where TLD is your specific suffix. If you do not see your suffix, scroll down in the administration below, or use the signpost later in this article.

How to Quickly Access Contact Management

Along with the growing number of supported registers and suffixes, the size of the left menu also increases, as each domain needs its own category. We decided to create a simplified signpost here:

List of CZ Contacts || Create a New CZ Contact
List of EU Contacts || Create a New EU Contact
List of PL Contacts || Create a New PL Contact
List of SK Contacts || Create a New SK Contact
gTLD (com, net, org) Suffixes:
List of gTLD Contacts || Create a New gTLD Contact
nTLD (.art, .online, .website, .fun, atd.) Suffixes:
List of nTLD Contacts || Create a New nTLD Contact
New Donuts (.live, .bike, .email, atd.) Suffixes:
List of Donuts Contacs || Create a New Donuts Contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I can’t see my contact in the list. Where is it?
Answer: First, make sure you are in the contact list for the correct suffix. If you still don’t see it, it’s probably run by another provider. You can manage it there or transfer it for ease of administration.

Question: I can’t find my suffix in the list. What should I do?
Answer: Use our quick signpost.

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