WEDOS WebSite – QR link, QR payment


A QR code for linking users or allowing online payments might be helpful in many different situations.

Easy to create. We have successfully tested the QR Code Generator service. There is plenty of options and possibilities for your link.

QR Code Generator example.

The output image is easy to use – just put it on the website as a simple image. Users can scan it with their smartphone, using just a camera or a special QR app to see the link.

QR payment

See your internet banking – you may see the option there. It could be called a QR payment request or just sharing your account.

If not available, you can use the universal QR Code Generator tool. Fill in all necessary details to send a payment for your service.

QR payment generator

Use the image with the QR code anywhere on the page. Users can just scan it in their internet banking to create a new payment.

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