MiniWeb Administration

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It is no longer possible to activate the MiniWeb service for free. Please, use the FREE variety of the WebSite editor.

FTP is not available for the MiniWeb, page editing and file uploading takes place only via the web interface in the customer administration.

For MiniWeb administration for a specific domain, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account in the customer administration (
  2. Click on Domains tab
  3. Open the detail of a particular domain
  4. In the left menu, click on the Miniweb link

If you do not use MiniWeb for this domain yet, you must create it first. You can do this by clicking on Create miniweb.

Creating and Editing HTML Pages

Individual pages are edited via the editor, similar to the writing of documents in Word (WYSIWYG editor CKEditor, you can try the editor’s demo). The alternative is the direct entry of HTML code.

The default page that is displayed after you enter your domain name in the browser, is a page called file index.html. This page (file) cannot be cancelled, it will be the introductory page of your website. Edit it to your liking.

Create a new page by clicking on the New page link in the left menu and enter its name. You can enter only english letters and digits, do not use diacritics. This is just the name of the file with the page, the title can then be anything. The name of the page can, for example, be “contact.html”. Finally, click the on the Create Page button.

When editing the page we write its content directly, we can use similar formatting to Word – font formatting, headings, bullets, links, tables, colors,…

Use UTF-8 encoding in the pages.

Uploading and Managing files

If you need to insert an image into a page or offer some file to download, it is possible to upload files to the MiniWeb by clicking on the Files link in the left menu. A page will be displayed with tools which you can use to upload, download, rename, delete files, etc.

It is strongly recommended to name files with lowercase letters of the English alphabet and digits. Do not use capital letters, diacritics, spaces, etc., you will avoid many potential problems.

All uploaded files are located in the files subdirectory, so they are available on http://www.yourdomain/files/filename. The name of the files folder cannot be changed, miniweb is a simple service. The NoLimit web hosting is used for more demanding users and for better options.

DNS Settings

In order to display the MiniWeb content on your domain, there must be properly configured DNS records for the domain. In the administration of the MiniWeb, click on the DNS Settings link in the left menu and follow the instructions.

CAUTION! After changing the DNS settings, it is necessary to wait about 1 hour before changes take effect.

Exporting MiniWeb Content

In the MiniWeb administration it is possible to export all pages and files in the form of an archive in ZIP format. Just click on the Export MiniWeb link in the MiniWeb menu, then confirm the export. This will allow you to download a ZIP file that will contain all the pages and files from the files directory.

Email Boxes

The MiniWeb does not include email services. If you need emails, you can use the NoLimit web hosting service.

Turning Off the MiniWeb

We do not delete the MiniWeb, it remains active. You can delete all pages and files from it (except the default index.html) and redirect the domain. For example, to switch from the MiniWeb to web hosting, just set the DNS to the selected web hosting.

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