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Domains and DNSs With Us

In the detail of each domain in the customer administration, it is possible to easily set up DNS records that will direct your domain to one of your services maintained by us. You can access this section via the DNS Service Records Settings link.

  • Web Hosting
    • directs the domain to our web hosting, it is necessary for the web hosting to have the same name or a set alias
    • the relevant A, AAAA, CNAME and MX records for the domain will be overwritten, any other records will remain unchanged.
  • Server Hosting and VPSs
    • VPSs or dedicated servers – it is possible to choose one IP addresses of each server hosting
    • the relevant A records for the domain will be overwritten, any other records will remain unchanged.
  • Other Options
    • default page – directing to the page that is the default after setting up a domain, it displays the information that the “Domain is registered”
    • miniweb – DNS settings on the miniweb of this domain, if activated

After Setting it up

After setup has been completed, you may need to wait 60 minutes for DNS changes to take effect across the Internet. Until then, various applications or services may report to you that the domain is not directed correctly, even if it is. Just wait.

Setting up DNS Manually

Would you rather set up DNS manually? The web hosting provider will supply you with the necessary DNS records, set them according to the instructions:

A records for the IPv4 of web servers
AAAA records for the IPv6 of web servers
MX records for email services

Domains With Another Provider

In this case, decide whether you want to have the management of DNS with your registrar or with us.

  • Keeping Your Registrar’s DNS Servers
    • check with your registrar which DNS servers the domain actually uses and log in to their administration. You will need to set up web hosting DNS records there. You can find them in the e-mail about setting up a web host or in the customer administration, in the detail of the web host, in the Service addresses section.
  • Setting up Our DNS Servers and Managing DNS With Us
    • in the case of CZ domains, ask your registrar to set up a NSset called WEDOS
    • for other suffixes, ask your registrar to set up these DNS servers:
    • every domain, even if we are not its registrar, can have a free DNS with us
    • this is true even if we do not have the domain suffix within our offer of domains, we can manage DNSs for any domain
    • The advantage is that when setting up web hosting services, you will already have all the necessary records ready on our DNS servers
    • for domains registered with us, the settings of our DNS servers will be automatically offered
    • DNS management is free, we do not turn it off when domains are transferred, we do not prevent the change of DNS to another provider
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