Bulk Domain Redirection Settings

  Bulk Actions, Domains

There is a tool in the customer administration that you can use to easily set up web and/or e-mail redirection for a large number of domains in one batch.

Redirection can only be set for domains for which we are a registrar. For proper redirection functionality, domains must use our DNS servers.

More about redirecting: Redirecting Domains

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Login to your account in customer administration
  2. Click on the Domains tab and open the list of your domains
  3. In the domain list, select the items for which you want to redirect, Below the list, select the option of web and e-mail redirecting settings in the drop-down list and click the perform button.
  4. In the second step you will see a list of selected domains. Here you can choose how to change the settings of web and e-mail redirection for these domains – do not change, set to a value or cancel the redirection.
  5. In the third step, you will see the bulk procedure summary. If everything is correct, click Complete.

After your confirmation, the redirecting of selected domains will take effect within one hour.

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