WEDOS DNS – Domain Patterns


Patterns of domains in the DNS are useful if you have a larger number of domains that have the same DNS records. Then you do not have to add DNS records manually for each domain, but you just can create a pattern and then use it when you add a new domain to DNS.

DNS patterns are managed in the customer administration, in the DNS tab, by clicking the Patterns link in the left menu.

You can name each pattern for better clarity.

The patterns also include outgoing AXFR settings (enable / disable a list of permitted IP addresses).

The DNS records of a patter can be edited in the same way as for a real domain. Additionally, you can specify a placeholder (domain) in the value of the record where the domain name is expected, which will be replaced by the domain name after applying the pattern.

An example of a pattern:

webmail CNAME mail.(domain)

will be replaced with: after adding using this template:

webmail CNAME

In the form for Adding or Bulk Adding Domains to a DNS, you can find a drop-down list of patterns that you have prepared, which you can then choose and use.

The pattern can only be used when adding a domain to the DNS, it cannot be used for existing domains – in this case, delete the domain from the DNS and add it again.

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