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Some Important Information:

  • The change of owner will not bring about any further changes to the domain, the operation of the domain itself will not be affected in any way (the same DNS servers will remain, etc.).
  • Changing the owner will not move the domain to another customer account – this may need to be done subsequently (transfer services between accounts)
  • There will also be no change in the billing data (these can be changed subsequently by editing the data of the customer, if necessary).

For CZ domains we offer two ways to confirm the change of owner (Both methods are described in more details later in this article):

  1. change is confirmed by both the original and new owner by using e-mail and SMS
  2. change is confirmed by both the original and new owner by a written request with notarized signatures

Creating of request for change of owner

To specify a request for change of the CZ domain owner follows these steps:

  1. Find out the new owner´s contact identifier on CZ.NIC. If the owner does not have such contact, first create contact.
  2. Log in to your account in the customer center (
  3. On tab Domains
  4. Open detail of specific domain for which you want to change it
  5. In the left menu, click on the link Owner change
  6. Input contact identifier of the new owner into form and then choose how to confirm the change (details below). Accept the conditions of CZ.NIC and confirm by clicking the button Make a request.

Confirmation via e-mail and SMS

This electronic method without paperwork is only possible provided that the original and new contact is registered with us and have in a CZ.NIC registry correctly specified:

  • working e-mail address
  • phone number where is possible to send SMS (only CZ numbers, +420…)

If any of this requirements are not met (at least one contact have not any of the data is incorrect or can not be used), then it is not possible to perform an electronic confirmation and confirmation must be performed by using a written request with notarized signatures (see next chapter).

If we are not the registrar of contact that the changes participate, it must first be transferred to us as first, use the form to transfer of contact to us. Caution – after contact transfer is changed its authentication password, and it is necessary to send a request for a new password again after transfer.

This owner change can not be used in any of the contacts registered with mojeID. Such contact is not possible to transfer to us, and so it is not possible to verify its authorization password.

After creating of the request will be sent the following message:

  • SMS to the original owner with a password
  • e-mail to the original owner with a link for confirmation
  • SMS to the new owner with a password
  • e-mail to the new owner with a link for confirmation

These emails and SMS are delivered in 10 minutes from the creation of requests. If after this time will are not delivered, check in the request detail if all e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are correct and if its not delivered somewhere else.

In request detail, you can also request a resend of any SMS or email (max. three times).

Next procedure for both owners is the following:

  1. Original owner clicks on the link in the e-mail, enter the password from the SMS messages and contact authorization password and confirm the change.
  2. New owner clicks on the link in the e-mail, enter the password from the SMS messages and contact authorization password, agree with rules for CZ domains and confirm the change.

After the change is confirmed by both parties, change is placed under the control of our staff. This usually takes up to 1 working day. Only after this the change of domain owners actually happens.

Specimen e-mail to confirm the change of owner:

Dear Customer,

We have received a request to change the domain owner to your contact XXXX.

Confirm the changes by clicking on the link below.

To confirm it is necessary to know:
- contact authorization password XXXX
- password to change the owner, that was sent the SMS to the number +420 123456789

Authorization contact password, you can receive by e-mail on this page:

If you do not want to make an owners change, it is possible 
to cancel request on the link above.

Confirm the change here:

Specimen of SMS messages with password:

WEDOS: password to change the owners: XXXX

The request must be confirmed by both parties within 14 days from the date of creation, otherwise, it will be invalidated and must be created new request.

Confirmation of written request with notarized signatures

After you submit this form to your e-mail will be sent a message with a document in PDF format as an attachment. This document must be printed and signed by the original and new owner.

The signatures must be officially verified. Signature verification can be obtained for example at post offices, municipal offices, and notaries.

Deliver the signed request by regular mail to our address:
WEDOS Internet, a.s.
domain department
Masarykova 1230
37341 Hluboká nad Vltavou

We accept only original documents can not be sent from the scanner or faxed.

If the signature can not be performed by the original and the new owner at the same time, each of them can print the document, sign and deliver it to us separately.

If one of the parties is a legal person, the request can be also confirmed by the statutory authority, which is authorized to deal with a given subject. In this case, it must be officially authenticated signature with an attached copy of the certificate of incorporation or other document confirming authorization of signatory.

The application must be signed and delivered within 14 days from the date of creation. Otherwise, it may be rejected.

Requests are handled within 1 week from receipt of the documents from the original and the new owner and the accomplishment of any other requirements.

If you wish to change domain owner for multiple domains by this method, which is the same original owner and the new owner will also be the same for all, then you can prepare an individual request, it will be enough only 2 signatures, contact us via contact form.

Why is it so “complex”?

A simpler way to confirm a change of ownership is not and will not be offered from us. It is not possible to change domain owner by simply clicking on the link without the involvement of phone numbers, passwords and authorization of SMS Password. It’s too easy to abuse and then very little evidence and traceable.

Do not take these “complexity” as bad. Rather, it is the security of domains for our clients. It is necessary to realize that domains having the value. They are often the most valuable asset for the whole company. A gamble with the ownership of any domain is quite risky. If some company will lose a domain, for example, it may close or cease to exist. It is obviously a very important protection of domains. Certainly we do not like one-click solution in the administration or somewhere in the mail.

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