WEDOS DNS – Basic Information


WEDOS DNS is a system of authoritative DNS servers for keeping DNS records of domains (zone files).

The System Consists of:

  • domains records
  • an administration interface
  • DNS servers

The system allows you to manage primary and secondary records for domains.

A primary domain is the domain for which DNS records are registered in our system. So our system basically acts as the primary DNS server for this domain. This is the usual solution.

A secondary domain is a domain for which we do not register DNS records, but download them from another DNS server via AXFR. The system therefore acts as a secondary DNS server for this domain. For this domain, only the IP address from whitch the records are to be downloaded is set. The download period is governed by the data in the SOA record of the relevant domain (REFRESH, RETRY).

Supported Types of DNS Records:

The System Also Offers the Following:

  • full support of IPv6
  • a complete history of changes – changes in settings, adding, changing and deleting records
  • configurable enabling/disabling downloading of zones via AXFR (outgoing AXFR) with the possibility of specifying IP addresses that are allowed to download a zone of the domain
  • data import when switching from other DNS servers – download via AXFR from another server, upload zone file or manual entry
  • copying domains – you easily can create a new domain by copying another (with all records and settings)
  • management of reverse records (for customers of our server hosting services)

Coming Soon:

  • support of DNSSEC (already available for .CZ and .EU domains)

DNS Servers

Currently, we offer 4 DNS servers:

  • (
  • (
  • (
  • (

Using the DNS System

Using our DNS system is completely free for anyone without a limit on the number of domains. Only 2nd order domains can be entered. The number of records for one domain is limited to 50 (NS records of the given domain and the SOA record are not included). If you really need more records, we will increase the limit upon your request.

DNS system management is available in the WEDOS customer administration (it is necessary to register first) in the DNS tab. There, you can add domains, change their settings, edit records and perform other tasks.

Domains that do not use our DNS servers for longer than 60 days (i.e. our DNS servers are not set as authoritative for them) will be deleted from our DNS system.

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