WEDOS DNS – Importing Data


You can access a list of your domains in DNS in the customer administration, in the DNS tab. Open the detail of a specific domain and then click on the Import link in the left menu.

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Import is used especially in a situation where you want to transfer your domain from another DNS server into our system. No need to manually transcribe records.

There Are 3 Ways to Import:

  • After entering the IP address of the original DNS server – Our system will try to download the domain records over AXFR
  • by uploading a zone file of the given domain (BIND text format)
  • by directly entering the contents of the zone file into the text field (BIND text format)

The first method is the simplest, records are transferred in a few clicks, but AXFR transfer from the second DNS server may not succeed. AXFR is not always enabled.

From the acquired or entered records, those that cannot be imported are filtered out (e.g. unsupported types falling under another domain, etc..). The import should deal with different entry styles, missing columns with default values, relative and absolute names, etc..

The acquired data is first displayed in a text field, where it is possible to make any adjustments first.

Then, by clicking on the import button, a preview of the resulting records in the table will be displayed. If everything is OK, click on the button to complete the import, or click on the back button to return to editing the imported records.

CAUTION! Performing this import will permanently delete all original records for this domain! Therefore, the import cannot be used to add additional records to existing ones.

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