Payment by Credit Card

  Billing, Paying for Orders

We accept VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electron and Maestro credit and debit cards.

In a payment request email, you can find a link to a payment interface, where you can use your credit card. Payment processing takes 10 minutes, following successful authorization.

Paying for your order by credit card is safe. When the transaction is ebing completed we can not get any information about your credit card or any of your bank account information. All communication is secured and encrypted during payment transactions.

NOTICE! Debit or credit card transactions can be only performed if your card has been enabled to pay via the Internet (e-commerce). Check with your bank. Some cards do not support these payments at all (especially non-embossed), others may have this service deactivated and it is necessary (eg via your internet banking) to first allow payments via the Internet.

Embossed credit cards are different from regular cards because they contain embossed lettering. This means that the information on the card (card number, owner’s name and date of issue and expiration) is printed so that the font can be ‘felt’ above the card. Non-embossed cards have labels printed without this ‘raised’ lettering.

If you are going to pay for a larger number of orders of hosting services, we recommend using a credit account – you send us credit in advance, payment is easier, there are fewer accounting documents.

Credit card transactions always accounted in CZK on our side, regardless of the currency used by the customer in their bank account. All documents (tax receipt, invoice) will also be in CZK and can not be issued in any other currency.

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