WAPI – System Notification

Into the WAPI system was added functions that sending notifications.

For example, when you transfer your domain from another registrar to us, we will get this information from the administrator of the domain (eg CZ.NIC), and if the user has activated WAPI in his account, this information sends to him via notifications, like as in the case of asynchronous WAPI commands.

To set the protocol, in which notification will be sent, choose one of the options in the choice The preferred protocol on page WAPI settings. This option is used when the notification is sent to e-mail or URL address. In the case, if you are downloading manually from the POLL queue, the answer will be in the same as the query.

The structure is the same as for the standard notification, the code identifies the taken action, the command is always system-notify. In the node, you will find more detailed information.

 <result>Domain transfered out</result>
  <msg>domain example.cz transfered out</msg>

Variants of system notifications

  • 1200: transfer of the domain away
    • msg = domain example.cz transferred out
    • domain – domain name
    • num – order number
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