WAPI – activation and settings

Settings of WAPI can be found in the client center in the section Customer -> WAPI interface (https://client.wedos.com/en/client/wapi.html). 

First, you will be asked to an agreement with the terms and conditions of services WEDOS. Without this agreement is not possible to use WAPI, agreement applies to all actions taken via this interface. 

Wapi activation

After you click Activate WAPI interface will be enabled for your account, and you can set more details.

Wapi settings

For safety reasons, it is possible to send queries only from IP addresses which are listed in Allowed IPv4. there are entered full addresses or prefixes (example: 1.2.3.), separate multiple addresses with space. From the other addresses, all communication will be rejected. CAUTION! The interface also communicates via IPv6. So if you are sending requests from the site with IPv6 connectivity (for example from our webhosting, or VPS), it has a higher priority. In this case, it is necessary to add this IPv6 address.

As next, you have to choose the method of sending notifications. If you will choose sent via HTTPS, or e-mail, do not forget to fill in the appropriate address. More about notifications, you can found in article WAPI – notifications.

Last but not least, it is the Preferred Protocol setting. By default, WAPI corresponds to the form in which the query is raised, in other cases (for example, System Notifications) the Preferred Protocol will be used.

After setting the relevant data do not forget Set.

Finally, it is necessary to set a password that will verify the authorization of your WAPI requests. The password must be at least 8 characters long.

Wapi password

By clicking on Set password you will save the new password and WAPI interface is ready for use.

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