WAPI – contacts for EU domains

  WAPI (API Interface), Contacts

Each domain registry works with different contacts, different rules for identifiers of contacts, with required items in the detail and other. Here is a detailed description of contacts for EU domain.

Contact name(contact ID)

  • When you create a contact in the EURid registry is not possible to specify its name, it is always created automatically.

Contact detail

Items companyfname and lname is possible to set during contact creation only, they will be ignored during editation!

  • company – your company
  • fname – name – required
  • lname – last name – required
  • email – e-mail – required
  • phone – your phone +XXX XXXXXXXXX – required
  • fax – fax  +XXX XXXXXXXXX
  • dic – VAT number
  • addr_street – address – street – required
  • addr_city – address – city – required
  • addr_zip – ZIP – required
  • addr_country – country (ISO code, lowercase, EURid will accept only EU countries) – required
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