WAPI – command domain-send-auth-info

  WAPI (API Interface), Domains

If you need to send the domain authorization password you can use domain-send-auth-info command.

The authorization password is used only for Czech (CZ) and generic (COM, NET, …) domains.

After executing this command will be sent a domain authorization password to the owner´s contact e-mail.

Input parameters

  • name – domain name – required parameter

Return Values

  • 1000 – authentication password is sent to domain owner e-mail 
  • 2243 – for this domain is not allowed to send auth_info
  • 3209 – failed to send auth_info
  • 3210 – failed to send auth_info – domain is unavailable
  • 3222 – failed to retrieve domain
  • 3223 – domain does not belong to this customer account
  • 4214 – failed to send auth_info – connection error – try again later

Return data

Command does not return data except exit code 

Příklad použití

XML query:


XML response:

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