How to host websites with erotic themes at WEDOS

First of all, we would like to assure you that we have nothing against this type of content. However, these sites have certain specifics that require different solutions than regular websites. This mainly concerns the episodic attendance from different parts of the world. Although all servers with NoLimit Webhosting have a sufficient reserve for fluctuations in traffic, for websites with a pornographic theme, the regular increase of visits by hundreds of thousands in a few minutes is no exception.

Furthermore, websites with a pornographic theme are often visited by people through public services hiding their identities (TOR, VPN). Many of these services are commonly exploited for attacks, so they are often blocked by our IPS / IDS protection

For these reasons in particular, we have decided that pornographic sites can only be hosted on WMS, VPS SSD, VPS ON, WEDOS Cloud or dedicated servers.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits and simplicity of our shared Webhosting NoLimit, we definitely recommend WMS. This service provides guaranteed dedicated hardware resources. This means more power, which once you used up all, won’t limit anyone else. In addition, it can be easily scaled.

Which websites are specifically affected by the special rules

In general, all sites that contain any erotic or pornographic material that is publicly available.

These are in particular the following:

  • sites that share third-party production, whether in the form of videos, photos, or otherwise
  • user discussion forums, whether public or closed
  • platforms focused on sharing the productions of the users or visitors

For these websites, it is necessary to choose a service other than NoLimit Webhosting. We recommend WMS.

Which sites are not concerned with these special rules

Of course, an adult-themed website doesn’t always need dedicated hardware. In cases where you run, for example, a company engaged in the production of toys for adults or a night bar with a famous erotic show, then your website will not be any more demanding than a regular website. In these cases, you can use our shared Webhosting NoLimit.

What websites can be hosted on the shared Webhosting NoLimit:

  • e-shops with erotic goods
  • personal presentation (however, videos must be placed outside of NoLimit)
  • company presentations (however, videos must be placed outside of NoLimit)

If you are not sure whether the special rules apply to you, do not hesitate to contact us.

If I buy a WMS, VPS, WEDOS Cloud service or a dedicated server, what all can I have at WEDOS?

From our point of view, we follow the valid laws of the Czech Republic. The content must also comply with our terms and conditions, in particular the Exclusion section.

To the WMS, VPS SSD, VPS ON, WEDOS Cloud or dedicated servers you can upload any type of file you deem appropriate. It can easily be videos as well.

My previous provider was under constant pressure from third parties, how does WEDOS handle this?

As the largest providers of hosting services in the Czech Republic, we know very well what it is like when the content of our customers does not suit someone and what stir it can cause.

We always follow the valid laws of the Czech Republic and pass on any complaints.

  • If someone complains about your content, we will forward the complaint to you. Of course, we will not provide them with any contact details. The complaint will be forwarded through customer support. It will be up to you how you approach it.
  • Of course, in the case of a clear violation of the law, we must act. However, we do not take on the role of judges. We are unable to rate content unless it is obvious. These cases are more about internet fraud.
  • In the event of a call from the police and/or the authorities, we always follow the applicable laws.