Changing the Billing Information for Services

To change the billing information, eg for a domain, proceed as follows (the procedure for other services is the same):

  1. Log in to your account in the customer administration (
  2. Select the ‘Domains (Web Hosting/VPS…)’ tab
  3. Click on the service name to see its details.
  4. In the left column, click on the ‘Contact Information (Customer)‘ link

You’ll see a form where you can edit the billing information provided for this service. To change the billing information for more or all services, use the bulk information changing method outlined below.

This change will take effect on newly issued accounting documents (advance invoices, tax documents, invoices) – ie. after renewal. Existing documents will not be changed.

Changing Your Information on Documents That Have Already Been Issued

If you need to change the information on an existing document (payment request, tax receipt or invoice), then proceed as follows:

If the order has not been paid yet (the status of the payment request is ‘waiting for payment‘):

  1. Click on the Billing Overview in the ‘detail’ of the particular service in the left menu
  2. Open the detail of the specific order
  3. Click the ‘Edit Customer’ link at the bottom left of the Customer table
  4. Edit the information in the form, select the ‘resend request by e-mail‘ to have a new payment request sent to you immediately, and click Save Changes.


Each email with a request for payment (and reminder) has a link that allows you to change your billing information without logging in to the administration. Clicking on the link will take you to the editing of the data and this data will then be amended on all documents related to this particular request. The data can, for example, be edited by your accountant. You can edit the data at any time before paying for the order.

If the order has already been paid

If you need to change the data for a document for an order that has already been paid, then it is not possible. The data cannot be changed additionally, because from the point of view the law, it is not possible to change documents that have already been issued.

Please note that it is not possible to make any changes to the already-issued documents for paid orders.

Changes in Surcharge Invoices

Direct changes are not possible for additional (surcharge) invoices.

The invoice data is always set according to the billing data of the service. To change the data, first edit the billing data of the service (perhaps only temporarily, if you only need the invoice to contain different information once) and then contact us. We will issue the document again.

Bulk Changes of Billing Information

It is also possible to make bulk changes to the billing information for hosting services in the customer administration:

  1. Mark the services that you want to change the information for in the list of services (domains, web hosting, etc..)
  2. Under the list of services, select ‘change customer information (billing data)‘ from the drop-down list and click on Perform.
  3. Next, check the list of selected services and fill-in any new data; you can also use the contact folder. Then click on Continue.
  4. Finally, check everything again, or return to the previous step. If everything is correct, click on Complete.

Important Information:

  • Changing the contact and billing information only applies for newly issued documents for selected services. Amended information does not affect existing accounting documents (see the previous chapter of these instructions).

Billing Information When Using a Credit Account

If you use a credit account to pay for orders, the billing information is set directly for it, the data for the services themselves will not be used in this case.

More: Credit Account – Billing Information

Frequently Asked Questions

“Fix the billing information yourself, I won’t set anything myself!!!”

We, of course, are happy to help you change your service billing information. We, however, need to know what data to set, choosing some random data would certainly not be correct. Contact our customer support to ask for help.