iRMC – Basic Information

  Dedicated Servers

iRMC (integrated Remote Management Controller) is a relatively small integrated circuit through which Fujitsu servers can be managed remotely. iRMC specifically allows system control, diagnostics, shutdowns, turning on, restarts, remote desktop (KVM), and mounting of data devices / iso files (eg, for system installation).

iRMC integrated circuit

An encrypted SSL connection via a web browser is used to access the KVM. The address for this connection might look like (for example). Although the website reports an untrusted certificate, this has no effect on functionality. Just accept the certificate and then log in.

After logging in, the start page (System Information -> System Overview) is displayed. Several tables containing information about the server are displayed.

System status (the server is on)
Server consumption (measured after the source)

Another subsection of System Information is System Components, which contains information about the processor and RAM that the motherboard is equipped with.

The last and quite crucial section, which is worth mentioning in the basic introduction, is the Power Management section. Specifically, its Power On/Off function, which is used to turn off, turn on and restart the server. In the Power Management tab, you will also find the Power Supply Info subsection, which contains summary information about the power supply.

Server status information (runtime, latest reboot, latest restart)
The panel for switching on / off and restarting the server
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