Google Pay payment

  Paying for Orders, Billing

Google Pay is a quick and easy way to pay via Google, both on WEDOS Internet, a.s, and in applications or stores. You no longer have to enter the credit card details and fill in forms. Just choose the Google Pay payment option and pay in a few steps. Visit the official website Get started with Google Pay today for complete information on setting up and using Google Pay.

Payment for orders using Google Pay is secure. Google Pay does not share your credit card details, so we receive only a unique encrypted number. During the transaction, we do not come into contact with any information about your payment card or bank account and we are not able to obtain this information by any means. During a payment transaction, the whole communication is secured and encrypted.

In the email, you find the link with the request for payment (or directly in the list of orders in customer administration). Through this link, you get to a selection of payment options where you find Google Pay among other things. Processing time after the successful authorization is 10 minutes.

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Google Pay payment option
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Google Pay
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Payment card selection

We recommend using a deposit account if you plan to pay for a larger number of orders for hosting services. The principle is simple – pay credits in advance and you will have simpler payments and fewer bills.

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