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Create New WEDOS OnLine Check

You can create a new check anywhere in the WEDOS OnLine admin panel using the new check button on the right side of the top bar. From the list that appears after clicking the button, select the check type.

In the mobile view, first select the Checks item in the menu. To the right above the check list, click the new check button and select the type of check you want to create from the list that appears.

You can find more information on the available types of checks in the article OnLine – Check Overview.

Choosing a new WEDOS OnLine checka
Choosing a new WEDOS OnLine checka

After selecting the type, enter:

  • Name – you can assign the check any name you want; we recommend one by which you can easily search and sort it.
  • Interval – select one of the values available for the check type and your plan. The shorter the check interval, the higher its cost in credits.
  • Email notifications – by default, checks send alerts about problematic status by email; you can disable this behavior here.

Next, fill in the specific check settings by type. For more information, see the article OnLine – Check Overview.

Confirm the new check by clicking the Save new button at the top of the form.

Sample new WEDOS OnLine check setup
Sample new WEDOS OnLine check setup


Question: How many checks can I set up?
Answer: It depends on the type of account and the credit value of the check.

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