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  WEDOS OnLine

This article addresses the administration of existing WEDOS OnLine checks. To create a new check, follow the OnLine – New Check guide.

In this article, you will find:

Checks Overview

You can access the checks overview by following these steps:

  1. Log into the WEDOS OnLine admin panel.
  2. In the left menu, select  Checks.
WEDOS OnLine check list
WEDOS OnLine check list

In the checks list, you can:

  • Open check detail. Click the magnifying glass in the left part of the table row.
  • Open check statistics. Click the chart icon in the left part of the table row.
  • View check status. The status is a colored label in the right part of the table row. To sort the checks by status, click the icons or in the Status column header.
  • Enable or pause checks in bulk. Check the boxes to the left of the test names. Then click the enable or pause button below the table.
Basic check controls - detail, statistics and status
Basic check controls – detail, statistics and status

Check Management Basics

You can turn on or pause a check directly in the checks overview. You can find advanced options for controlling the control in its detail by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the left part of the table row.

You can find the check controls at the top of the detail page.

WEDOS OnLine check controls
WEDOS OnLine check controls

Save Changes

Save the check settings changes by clicking the Save button. The system does not support automatic saving.

Check Templates

Use the new button to create a new check of the same type.

The new from template button creates a new check of the same type, containing the same information as the currently opened check.

To create a different type of check, follow the OnLine – New Check tutorial.

Celete Check

Click the delete button to completely and permanently remove the selected check from the system. You can create the same review again, but you will lose its history.

The interface will return you to the check list page.

Pause or Resume Check

You can pause any enabled check with the pause button. The system will not run or charge this check until you re-enable it.

Press the enable button to re-enable a paused check.

Create New Maintenance

You can create a new maintenance, i.e. the time during which the system will not send notifications about service unavailability, by pressing the new maintenance button.

Run Test Immediately

The HTTP check allows you to run the test immediately with the Test now button.

Performing an instant test deletes all unsaved changes to the test settings.

Update Check Settings

Under the control buttons, you can change:

  • Basic settings. Here you can change the name of the service, its interval and (not) sending email notifications.
  • Check settings. Available settings vary by check type.
  • Notification recipients. Check the recipients who will receive notifications. If you want to monitor the service status only in the web interface, you can uncheck the recipient.
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