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WEDOS Global and WAPI

The WEDOS API, WAPI for short, is used to control services directly from your information system. To use this interface, you need an active credit account from which the system deducts payments.

WAPI currently supports the following WEDOS Global actions:

  • List WEDOS Global services
  • Add a new domain to WEDOS Global
  • WEDOS Global domain entry information

For details on how to deploy these commands, see the WAPI – WEDOS Global article.

To protect against misuse, WAPI applies the following restrictions:

  • You can send a maximum of 1000 requests per hour via one user account.
  • Repeated invalid requests will cause the IP address to be blocked for 1 minute for each invalid request in excess of 10. With each additional invalid request, the system increases the blocking time.

You can find more information about WAPI in the article WAPI Manual.

Activate WAPI in WEDOS Global Admin Panel

Before activating WAPI, activate a credit account in the WEDOS customer administration panel according to the article Billing – Credit Account. The WEDOS Global administration panel currently doesn’t support credit account management.

Before you can start using WAPI, you need to activate it. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into the WEDOS Global administration panel.
  2. In the left bar, select WAPI.
  3. In the WAPI Setup form, enter the following and confirm using the Set button:
    • Allowed IPs: A comma-separated list of IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6) from which your system connects to WAPI.
    • Notification Method: A method of receiving notifications about the progress of asynchronous requests. For more information, see the WAPI Manual.
    • Preferred Protocol: This setting only applies to system notifications. Responses use the same format as requests. For more information, see the WAPI Manual.
  4. In the Password Settings form, enter the WAPI password (twice to confirm it) and click the Set button.

The settings will take effect within 30 minutes.


Question: Can I also use other WAPI requests when activating WAPI via WEDOS Global?
Answer: Yes, regardless of which administration panel you have used to activated WAPI, youcan use all the requests in your system.

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