WEDOS Disk Subversion – synchronization of the repository

  WEDOS Disk

Subversion includes a utility svnsync, through which you can move content of the repository, including a complete history, to a different repository and then synchronize changes. This tool can also be used if you want to move an existing repository to another server, especially if you want to move an existing repository to our service WEDOS Disk.

Now we can show you how to move the existing repository to us. Everything happens on the command line, the procedure is the same for Linux and Windows. In Windows, you need to find the directory containing the file svnsync.exe and execute commands in it.

First, create a new repository in the customer center. Repository to which you want to synchronize must be empty.

In the repository detail check option to allow additional changes to revision properties (pre-revprop-change hook).Enable writing to a user which will perform synchronization. Then click the update button, to take effect of the repository changes on the server.

In the parameters of the program, svnsync shall be indicated target repository URL and source repository URL. URL address of the repository at our service WEDOS Disk can be found in customer center in detail of a particular repository.

First, we need to initialize a target repository for synchronization:

svnsync init svn://cilovy-server/cilova-repo svn://zdrojovy-server/zdrojova-repo

And then we can run the synchronization. Tool always compares the numbers and load differences of the latest revision from the source to the target (actually overwrites commits).

svnsync sync svn://cilovy-server/cilova-repo svn://zdrojovy-server/zdrojova-repo

If you encounter an error, check the article errors when working with repository.

For more information, see the Subversion documentation.