WEDOS Disk Subversion – Basic Information

  WEDOS Disk

WEDOS Disk offers hosting one or more Subversion repository.

Basic information and parameters:

  • You can create any number of repository
  • You can create any number of users and set access rights to an individual repository(read/write)
  • space occupied by all the repository is taken from the WEDOS disk space (data volume and number of files)
  • number of commits or data transfers are not limited
  • repository is accessible via SVN protocol, communication is encrypted, SVN client must support SASL authentication and encryption, unencrypted communication is not supported
  • for repository can be activated sending of e-mail notifications about commits

This is only a Subversion repository hosting, this is not versioning of files that you store in space WEDOS Disk. This is possible if you connect the disk space via a protocol as a shared disk and on it, you create a Subversion working copy.

NOTICE! At this service, we do not offer support for Subversion about questions: what it is, how it works, for what it is used, how it is used… user must be informed in advance, in this direction we do not provide any consultations. We are solving all technical problems with the operation of the service from our side only.

Subversion repository

Repository is formed within a particular service WEDOS Disk. More repository in one service WEDOS Disk shares SVN users (Attention, this is not a user that connects to the disc space via FTP, SMB or rsync).

Repository and users are created and managed in the customer center WEDOS when you open the details of a particular service WEDOS Disk.

Each repository and each user have their name and description. Name of repository and user names can only contain large and small letters of the alphabet, digits, dash, and underscore.

Repository data backup is daily in case of failure or data loss on our side. Backups are not intended to be renewed at the customer’s request. Customers should perform backups by themselves.

Access to the repository

The repository is accessible via SVN protocol only, via URL address like this svn://server/repository. A specific URL address can be found in the detail of a particular repository. To access you can either use the Subversion command-line client program TortoiseSVN for Windows or any other software that supports this protocol.

Client programs must support SASL authentication and encryption, another method of encryption or login is not available. SASL is part of Subversion and TortoiseSVN client from version 1.6. Version 1.5 or less will not work. In Linux, it is usually necessary to install the package cyrus-sasl-md5 (and if you have compiled Subversion by yourself, you must use option –with-sasl).

Repository files are not accessible through other protocols.

E-mail notification about commits

In particular repository settings can be activated sending of e-mail notification about commits. One or more email addresses (separated by commas).

After any commit is sent a report to the e-mail addresses containing details of the commit (author, the changes comment).