WEDOS WebSite – Page redirect


Any page in the WEDOS WebSite editor can be redirected to another URL. This is useful, for example, if the page is out of date and you want to refer visitors to it elsewhere.

  • You can keep the former content or create a short notification about redirect. Page will be redirected within a moment.
You can use a simple notification before the redirect.
  • Go to the Page settings (Nastavení stránky).
Go to Options and Page settings (Nastavení stránky).
  • In the page settings there is the Vložit Header fiels. You can insert here the redirect code. Just edit a target URL. Keep the code syntax.
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=" />
Example code for the page redirect. Keep the code syntax, edit the target URL (end of the line).
  • Save the settings (Uložit nastavení). Save the whole page (Uložit nyní). Publish your website (Zveřejnit web). Redirect will become active.

Frequently asked questions

How to cancel the redirect?

Just go through the manual again and remove the redirect code. After saving and publishing the website, there should be no redirect.

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