WEDOS WebSite – Call to action – phone call


The WEDOS WebSite editor offers blocks and buttons which may call to a user’s action. The category name is Call to action. The button can be used as a link to another page, to create a new e-mail, or to start a phone call. The best use is for smartphone users – they can directly call you without the need of typing the phone number.

  1. Choose a block from the Call to action category, or create yours using components.
  2. In the button settings, in the Odkaz (Link) card, set your number as an URL.
    • tel:+420987654321
  3. Save changes using the Uložit změny button and publish your website.
In the button settings set your phone number as URL with format tel:+420987654321

You can use any available button. There are many blocks including buttons, or you can create your own using components. Its usually located in the most visible part of the website (header, menu, etc.).

Call to action button usage.
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