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This article addresses enabling HTTPS for the WebSite service. If you need to activate HTTPS for Webhosting, follow the instructions Webhosting – Quick HTTPS Setup.

You cannot activate HTTPS for domains.

In this article, you will learn:

HTTPS Activation

The WebSite service sets up HTTPS automatically. For successful activation, you just need to have the domain or subdomain directed to the corresponding WebSite service via DNS.

For new domains, DNS propagation can take several hours after registration or owner verification. A similar delay can occur when changing DNS servers or records.

If HTTPS is not active, check the service status in the customer administration panel by following these steps:

  1. Log into the customer administraion panel.
  2. In the navigatin panel, select Web & Email Hosting WebSite.
  3. Select the service you want to check.
WEDOS WebSite WWW IPv4 address
WebSite WWW IPv4 address

If you see an HTTPS setup warning warning at the top of the page, check your DNS settings first:

  1. Verify that the domain or subdomain has the correct type A-type records set. You can find the IP addresses in the notification.
  2. If the selected domain or subdomain contains other A or AAAA records that direct it somewhere other than the WebSite, delete those records.
  3. If the records are correct, make sure that you are using the DNS servers (NSSET) where you are setting the records. You manage DNS servers with your domain registrar. Instructions for managing DNS servers at WEDOS can be found in the article Domains – DNS Servers (NSSET).

If everything is OK, click the Enable HTTPS button.

HTTPS activation will typically take effect within 1 hour


Question: How do I check that HTTPS is working correctly?
Answer: Enter the address of your website with http (http://domain.tld) in the browser. If you have everything set up correctly, the address will automatically be corrected to the https version and typically marked with a lock icon. If this does not happen, carefully go through the steps of the guide again, including editing the .htaccess file.

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