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The automatic website migration tool is there to transfer your website and database to WEDOS from another provider. It can also automatically edit the WordPress config file, edit URL, and some critical paths.

Two modes are available, simple mode (recommended) and expert mode (ideal for professionals).

We recommend some steps for a successful migration.

This article will guide you through:

step 0 – Gather all the requested information

To download all your data we need the current web hosting FTP credentials. For a simple mode, it’s the only required information.

For an expert mode, you may need to know the FTP path and DB credentials if our automatic detection fails. You can obtain all this information from your current provider.

What if I run into problems?

You can contact us 24 / 7 using our chat here

step 1 – Create a customer account

Before ordering a new service you need to log into your customer account. Useful links:

step 2 – Web hosting order

You can order your new web hosting here. See the plan comparison, if not sure about the perfect plan for you.

I need more information about the web hosting.

See the web hosting product comparison here

Should I choose a LowCost, NoLimit, or NoLimit Extra plan?

The LowCost plan is there for professionals, that can optimize their websites and set it properly.

The NoLimit plan can be used for huge or less optimised websites with no problem, thanks to increased resources.

The NoLimit Extra plan is even more powerful than NoLimit. It can use up to 30 x 1048 MB of memory, that means more than 30 GB of memory in a moment. The value is much bigger than some VPS or dedicated servers for much higher prices.

Can I switch between plans later?

Yes, that is no problem. You can upgrade immediatelly, and downgrade from the upcoming period. When upgrading, you will receive an invoice the next day.

What is the HTTPS SNI optional service?

SNI allows you to use an SSL certificate. Your website will use secured connection and your customers will be able to transfer all the data securely. It will also improve your SEO ranking.

Which PHP version should I choose?

If you’re not sure, keep the default version.

What if my website supports only certain PHP version?

Choose the ideal version. We offer many of them.

Can I change the PHP version later?

Yes, anytime. After the settings just wait 30 minutes.

Is there a discount code for a website migration?

We offer a free period for everybody transferring from another provider. See more.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, you can cancel a web hosting within 7 days and we will refund a full price. There is also a 180 days guarantee, which could be applied in case of provider’s technical problems. See more about refunds.

step 3 – Web hosting payment

You have probably already received a payment request to your mailbox. Please, use it to pay for the service. It will be established within 60 minutes after the payment is received to our account. We support many payment methods, all of them are listed in the e-mail or in the link.

I need a web hosting as soon as possible, what should I do?

We can recomment a payment by a debit card. The payment is usually processed within 10 minutes and the web hosting is available within 60 minutes. You can use the link in the payment request e-mail or in your control panel.

The payment failed, but there is enough money and my bank works fine.

There could be an issue with our payment gateway provider. Please try it again later, try to choose a different payment method, or contact us. Technické problémy může mít náš poskytovatel platební brány. Vyzkoušejte prosím platbu znovu a nebo využijte jinou metodu. Pokud ani to nepůjde, tak nás kontaktujte.

Can you establish a web hosting without payment?

No, web hosting is established only after the successfull payment.

step 4 – Begin migration

As your new web hosting is established, you can begin with migration. The migration form is located in the control panel.

  1. Log in to the control panel.
  2. In the top menu choose the Hosting services >> Webhosting
  3. Choose the destination service, we will migrate your data and database there.
  4. In the left menu, choose the Website migration tool.

step 5 – Starting a migration (simple mode)

The simple mode requires just basic information, we will do the rest.

  • The current provider FTP access (usually delivered by e-mail)
  • The current website domain
  • Choose the temporary domain free-of-charge – we will register this domain for you for free (1 year) and you can test your website on our web hosting before switching to your domain. Later you can use the domain as you wish.
  • Agreement – if there is any data on the destination web hosting, we will create a backup, erase the web hosting and upload your new data.
The migration tool – simple mode form.

Confirmation with erasing the data – if there is any data on the web hosting, we will create a backup, erase the data and replace it with a new migration. If you need to keep the web hosting data, please use the expert mode and choose the directory to upload, so we will leave the data untouched. If your web hosting is new, there is no need to worry about using simple mode.

We do not change the current web hosting data, there is no risk of data loss.

Should I backup the current web hosting data?

No worries, we do not change the current web hosting data. All we do is to copy it and upload to a destination web hosting. All the data from the destination webhosting are backed up too, just in case.

What if the migration fails, will I have the half of the website at the current provider and the half at WEDOS?

No, until you manually change the DNS settings, there is no change in how your website works. You can test is using temporary domain before switching your domain to WEDOS.

How will I be notified that the migration is done?

We will send you the e-mail.

What if the migration fails? Will you help me?

Yes. Contact us, please.

Why do I see an unknown domain? .online, .fun, .art ? Is it my domain?

A domain is our gift for you, you can use it for testing before you switch your domain to WEDOS. Later you can use the domain as you wish. Enjoy the advantage of the new domain names.

step 6 – Website testing and data synchronization

The migration can be in progress for several minutes up to several hours. Also, you can choose to change DNS later (weekends, less busy days). So after you test your website using a temporary domain, you can finish the migration. We will synchronize the data, so there will be a new fresh copy with all the changes that happened after the initial migration. Please do not change your domain’s DNS until the migration is completed.

You can test the website on the temporary domain. Then you can complete the migration or keep it unchanged.

After the migration you can continue with different actions:

  • Finish – we will synchronize the data again so all the changes since the initial migration are transferred. After this step is finished, you can immediatelly change the DNS settings.
  • Keep unchanged – the migration will be closed with no changes – the new copy of the website will continue using the temporary domain.
  • Done, to check (zde) – the link leads to the temporary domain for testing. If it does not work, contact us, please.
When should I do the synchronization?

It’s there for the websites with dynamic content (e-commerce, forum, blog). The synchronization ensures there is no data loss if the DNS is not set immediatelly. For static websites the synchronization might not be needed, but still do it because we set a domain name for a new website.

step 7 – Finish the migration

If the website works OK, you can finish the migration and set the DNS. We recommend transferring your domain to WEDOS. The settings will be much simpler.

If you prefer to keep the domain with your current registrar, just change the DNS servers.

DNS servers change

Ask your domain provider to set DNS servers:


WARNING! It can take up to 48 hours to changes be valid on the whole internet.

If your domain is registered with us, the process is much simpler. In the control panel, in the detail page of your domain, you can choose the DNS servers change in the left menu. Choose the default option.

DNS records change

If you wish to keep your domain and DNS provider unchanged, just ask them to set your DNS records. Usually A records, AAAA records, and MX records. The required addresses will be delivered to your e-mail after the web hosting is established or you can find it in the control panel.

Ask your DNS provider to set these DNS MX records:

  • 1
  • 1
  • 10

Now, your website was migrated successfully.

Don’t forget that you can also transfer your mailboxes, including its content.

Děkujeme za zpětnou vazbu!