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The WordPress content management system and its templates or plugins are generally not WEDOS services and therefore not covered by our customer support. The exception is the WEDOS Global Protection plugin.

In this article, you will learn:

WEDOS Webhosting and WordPress

The popular content management system (CMS) WordPress is popular among both amateur and professional website builders for its intuitive interface and plentiful free and commercial templates and extensions (plugins). WEDOS optimizes its Webhosting plans precisely with WordPress in mind, so that the websites of beginners and professionals alike run quickly and without problems.

You can run WordPress on Web hosting with any tariff and on a WMS service. WordPress is not compatible with the WebSite 1.0 service.

WordPress Installation

You can install WordPress on your Webhosting manually or using the app installer.

Manual Installation

Manual installation is necessary for the LowCost Webhosting plan, where we do not provide an installer. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the desired app version on the WordPress website (external link).
  2. Extract the downloaded file, rename the folder according to the domain name (without www, e.g. domail.tld) and upload via FTP to the www/domains directory.
  3. Create a new database according to the Webhosting – Databases article.
  4. Enter the domain in your browser’s address bar and perform the installation.

Automatic Installation

Automatic installation is supported by Webhosting with NoLimit and Extra plans, as well as WMS.

You can find detailed instructions for automatic WordPress installation in the article Webhosting – App Installer.

Common Issues

Common issues with WordPress include:

App Installer Error

Issue: An error occurs when installing using the installer on Webhosting or WMS.

Solution: Common app installer issues are discussed in the corresponding chapter of the Webhosting – App Installer manual.

WordPress Admin Panel Unavailable

Issue: I can’t log into the WordPress admin panel.

Cause: The entire WordPress system, including that installed by our installer, is completely separate from WEDOS customer administration. It can use a different login email and password.

Solution: If the link domain.tld/admin doesn’t work, try domain.tld/wp-login.php, replacing domain.tld with your domain.

WEDOS customer support does not have access to your WordPress administration. Reset your lost password using the “Lost your password?” link on the login screen.

WordPress password recovery

Error Establishing a Database Connection

Issue: There is an error message: Error establishing a database connection.

Cause: You most often encounter this error after changing the password for the database administrator account.

Solution: Make sure that the database that WordPress uses exists and that the wp-config.php file on FTP contains up-to-date information about connecting to that database, including a valid username and password.

If the database credentials are correct, check the WEDOS Status service for outages.

Media Upload Error – Temporary Folder Doesn’t Exist

Issue: We cannot upload media files, there is an error message: Temporary folder doesn’t exist.

Cause: The tmp folder for temporary files is missing from the FTP root.

Solution: Log in to FTP using the main account and check that the tmp and session folders are there in addition to the www. If they don’t exist, create new ones.

Undefined Function

Issue: The website does not work, an error message is displayed starting Fatal error: Call to undefined function.

Cause: The version of WordPress, a template or plugin is not compatible with the used PHP version.

Solution: Check the system, template and plugin requirements and set the PHP version they support.


Question: Is there a fee to install WordPress?
Answer: As such, WordPress is free, as is its automatic installation. We do not perform manual installation, even as a paid service.

Question: I can’t have WordPress on LowCost Webhosting?
Answer: We do not support the app installer on LowCost. You can still install WordPress, but only manually.

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