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In our customer service you can set which PHP version will be your .php scripts executed with. You can choose between PHP 5.3 – 5.6, PHP 7.0 – 7.4 and PHP 8.0.

In addition, it is possible to execute some scripts by specific version. Files with the extension .php53 are always executed with PHP 5.3. Files with the extension .php80 are executed by version 8.0 and so on.

  • .php53 – always PHP 5.3 (deprecated)
  • .php54 – always PHP 5.4 (deprecated)
  • .php55 – always PHP 5.5 (deprecated)
  • .php56 – always PHP 5.6 (deprecated)
  • .php70 – always PHP 7.0 (deprecated)
  • .php71 – always PHP 7.1 (deprecated)
  • .php72 – always PHP 7.2 (deprecated)
  • .php73 – always PHP 7.3
  • .php74 – always PHP 7.4 (web hosting est. 2017 or later)
  • .php80 – always PHP 8.0 (web hosting est. 2017 or later)

All versions are available for all webhostings at all servers. There is no need to ask us to activate or transfer to another server. All you need to do is to change version in our customer service.

In addition, you can change the following parameters (in parenthesis is default value):

  • allow_url_fopen (On)
  • allow_url_include (Off)
  • apc.enabled (On)
  • auto_append_file (Off)
  • auto_prepend_file (Off)
  • display_errors (On)
  • eaccelerator.enable (On)
  • html_errors (On)
  • ignore_repeated_errors (Off)
  • ignore_user_abort (Off)
  • implicit_flush (Off)
  • log_errors (Off)
  • magic_quotes_gpc (Off)
  • max_execution_time (90)
  • output_buffering (Off)
  • register_globals (Off) – v PHP 5.4 doesn’t exist
  • session.auto_start (Off)
  • session.cookie_httponly (Off)
  • session.cookie_secure (Off)
  • session.use_cookies (On)
  • session.use_only_cookies (On)
  • xcache.cacher (On)

We do not allow to change other parameters or we do it exceptionally in justified cases (in this case you need to send a request via the contact form).

Editing PHP configuration

To edit the configuration of PHP at your webhosting, proceed as follows::

  1. Log in to your account in the customer center (client.wedos.com)
  2. Use tab Webhosting
  3. In the list, select the specific service and open its detail
  4. In left menu use link PHP Configuration
  5. Here, for each item, you can choose the default value or your own. After making changes click Edit.

Any changes of the configuration will take effect within 30 minutes.

In the list there are versions up to 7.3

Contact us, we will help you switch to newer version of web hosting.